L Lee Lowe’s Mortal Ghost podcast

(*Updated to better reflect the sex of the author*) I’m very keen on podcasts, particularly when they’re recorded by people other than myself. L Lee Lowe, a YA fantasy author, has secured the services of a young British theatre student to read out the first chapter of her new book, Mortal Ghost. You can check out the podcast via this page: http://lleelowe.com/home/. Your podcasting application (for example, iTunes) should be able to use this URL as a place to scrape up new episodes as they’re added. Sounds like a great idea, and a great podcast. It would be nice to know the identity of the young British theatre student, though.

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4 thoughts on “L Lee Lowe’s Mortal Ghost podcast”

  1. Ian, just noticed this post, thanks.

    I agree wholeheartedly about the student’s identity, but so far he prefers to remain anonymous. I’m working on it, though.

    Susan, I may be female, but I’m no lady!

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