Bragg Strikes Again

Oh, Melvyn. You spoil us with your radio pro­grammes.

Regular read­ers of his blog (hi, Dad) will know that I hold Bragg’s In Our Time pro­gramme in the highest of tee­ter­ingly-high regards (with a cherry on top), and I am pleased to report that Lord Bragg of Wigton has done it again with this week’s epis­ode on the Argentine poet, essay­ist, review­er and nov­el­ist Jorge Luis Borges.

Borges is often cited as the inspir­a­tion for sev­er­al of our most regarded writers (David Mitchell, for example), and his name has been nig­gling me for years and I haven’t yet read a word of his work. But Bragg has done his work, and I’m keen to seek out some of his stuff.

Sadly — because my loc­al Waterstone’s branch is incap­able of pla­cing books where one might expect to actu­ally find them — I’ll have to bone up on the pro­nun­ci­ation of Borges’s name, which, like the General Theory of Relativity, I can only seem to remem­ber in the hour after it was explained.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

4 thoughts on “Bragg Strikes Again”

  1. I’ve got a hor­rible feel­ing that the Waterstones people might have filed the Borges under ‘L’ for ‘Luis’.

  2. I wouldn’t be sur­prised… Not to run down Waterstone’s staff unne­ces­sar­ily, but I’ve asked after five or six books in Waterstone’s recently, and staff were able to find them on the com­puter but nobody knew where they were in the shop. Quite extraordin­ary. These weren’t items that were new in, and per­haps lan­guish­ing on a trol­ley, but books that had been in for sev­er­al weeks.

  3. Try Borhaze or hez — Horgay Louis (as in Armstrong). I just vis­ited my loc­al Waterstones recently and they’ve got some Borges stuff kick­ing around. Check out his non-fic­tion as well (‘The Total Library’ recom­men­ded). He may or may not blow you away.

    Happy Reading!

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