Bragg Strikes Again

Oh, Melvyn. You spoil us with your radio programmes.

Regular readers of his blog (hi, Dad) will know that I hold Bragg’s In Our Time programme in the highest of teeteringly-high regards (with a cherry on top), and I am pleased to report that Lord Bragg of Wigton has done it again with this week’s episode on the Argentine poet, essayist, reviewer and novelist Jorge Luis Borges.

Borges is often cited as the inspiration for several of our most regarded writers (David Mitchell, for example), and his name has been niggling me for years and I haven’t yet read a word of his work. But Bragg has done his work, and I’m keen to seek out some of his stuff.

Sadly – because my local Waterstone’s branch is incapable of placing books where one might expect to actually find them – I’ll have to bone up on the pronunciation of Borges’s name, which, like the General Theory of Relativity, I can only seem to remember in the hour after it was explained.

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4 thoughts on “Bragg Strikes Again”

  1. I’ve got a horrible feeling that the Waterstones people might have filed the Borges under ‘L’ for ‘Luis’.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised… Not to run down Waterstone’s staff unnecessarily, but I’ve asked after five or six books in Waterstone’s recently, and staff were able to find them on the computer but nobody knew where they were in the shop. Quite extraordinary. These weren’t items that were new in, and perhaps languishing on a trolley, but books that had been in for several weeks.

  3. Try Borhaze or hez – Horgay Louis (as in Armstrong). I just visited my local Waterstones recently and they’ve got some Borges stuff kicking around. Check out his non-fiction as well (‘The Total Library’ recommended). He may or may not blow you away.

    Happy Reading!

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