9 thoughts on “Complete Muppetry”

  1. The Author Who’d Never Read Dickens. I’m deeply impressed by that. It’s like someone who’s never listened to the Beatles.

  2. I wish I had never read Woolfe so that I could read her for the first time again. But I am amazed about Dickens. I thought everyone had at least read “A Christmas Carol”! I read that book every year at this time to get myself in the Christmas mood.

  3. Thanks, Tim. Two confessions: I’m a Beatles fan, and I’ve just realised that we read Great Expectations during GCSE English, so I’ve read Dickens after all (but only that one…)

  4. You know, I’m just going to come out and say it… I think the Beatles are overrated.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was a huge fan until a couple of years ago. Then I got into the radio business and got their songs played in my ear all the time (damned repetitive commercial radio.)

  5. I think everyone goes through a Beatles stage – I went through mine in college, and probably played the songs too much. Now they sound a bit banal because I’ve heard them a billion times each…

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