9 thoughts on “Complete Muppetry”

  1. The Author Who’d Never Read Dickens. I’m deeply impressed by that. It’s like someone who’s nev­er listened to the Beatles.

  2. I wish I had nev­er read Woolfe so that I could read her for the first time again. But I am amazed about Dickens. I thought every­one had at least read “A Christmas Carol”! I read that book every year at this time to get myself in the Christmas mood.

  3. Thanks, Tim. Two con­fes­sions: I’m a Beatles fan, and I’ve just real­ised that we read Great Expectations dur­ing GCSE English, so I’ve read Dickens after all (but only that one…)

  4. You know, I’m just going to come out and say it… I think the Beatles are over­rated.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was a huge fan until a couple of years ago. Then I got into the radio busi­ness and got their songs played in my ear all the time (damned repet­it­ive com­mer­cial radio.)

  5. I think every­one goes through a Beatles stage — I went through mine in col­lege, and prob­ably played the songs too much. Now they sound a bit banal because I’ve heard them a bil­lion times each…

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