3 thoughts on “Ah, ’tis true”

  1. Somebody quoted some­body fam­ous, who said: “You don’t need to be a good writer. Just a good edit­or.”

    And that’s the truth. Only read­ing that you edited Deja Vu from 120,000 down to 75,000 gave me the con­fid­ence to do the same to Adventure Eddy and by golly, was it a bet­ter book by the end of it.

    I’ve just reread a lot of my Nanowrimo effort — and there are sec­tions of great dia­logue and action… but they’re thin between dol­lops of unmit­ig­ated shit.

    But writ­ing is like sculpt­ing, I guess. Except we cre­ate our big, square block of stone and only then do we start chip­ping out the sculp­ture inside.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Rolski. Editing is where it’s at. DV is def­in­itely a svelte whip­pet com­pared to the ori­gin­al, and I hope to do the same to Flashback. Best of luck with your own stuff!

  3. I love that ana­logy. Writing is like cre­at­ing a huge block of stone and rewrit­ing and edit­ing is chip­ping away at that stone until a book emerges. So true.

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