The Coal Face

Copyright (c) FreeFoto.comDebra Hamel recently pub­lished a pic­ture of her Subterranean Lair™, and invited oth­er blog­gers to post images of theirs. I don’t know about you, but I’m always mildly curi­ous about the way people set up their offices/cubby holes. So here’s my effort. I spend my work­ing week star­ing at this (don’t be shocked, but I do stand as I work):

Don't worry, I also have a fire extinguisher

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Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

9 thoughts on “The Coal Face”

  1. How could you pos­sibly STAND? Your key­board is low … though the upper screen is high enough for a good view when stand­ing …
    *very puzzled*
    Are you dan­cing around, tak­ing pics of your­self? Do you drop your cof­fee? Do you walk around, get a bril­liant idea, and rush back to tap a few let­ters of code that only you can under­stand?…

  2. The obvi­ous ques­tion: don’t you get tired over the course of the day? And what’s that…water mill/roller coast­er pic­ture got to do with this?

  3. The roller coast­er thing is a coal mine engine to winch up the miners from the pit. I was going for a tie-in with the title of the post, in my own little way…

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