8 thoughts on “Why are people so nice?”

  1. Pleased somebody finds something to justify the licence fee! Since I earn my living writing adverts for commercial radio, the BBC kind of gets up my nose. They have a bloated budget and no commercial concerns…

    But they do the archers and Doctor Who and if they didn’t, I’m pretty sure no commercial media would.

    Double edged sword. If there was nothing but commercial radio and TV, we’d all end up watching nothing but celebrity game shows.

    I only wrote this because I cannot contribute ANYTHING to the genetics discussion! I’m too thick!

  2. Right you are, Rolski, but, when I think about it, I watch virtually nothing that hasn’t been produced by the BBC (though I’ve loved a lot of commercially-produced TV shows in the past). I hope your jingles are better than the ones for Gemini FM, our local (Exeter) radio station, at least the ones I serm to hear two minutes after making the mistake of switching to it. I think the last commercial was a chorus of barely-in-tune ‘yokels’ (i.e. actors with Bristolian accents who think they sound like Devoners) screaming about shampoo, or something. *shudder*

  3. I just love that “Wigton”. Anyone who comes from, and tips their hat to, Wigton, just has to be OK.
    Silloth would be even better, but Wigton is fine. It is where people from Silloth go to school.

  4. True enough, Joe. Thanks for the tip with the Segundo show – I caught it (the show) for the first time in the autumn when there was an interview with David Mitchell. The Dawkins one was good. Why can’t we have more voices with sense in the media?

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