8 thoughts on “Why are people so nice?”

  1. Pleased some­body finds some­thing to jus­ti­fy the licence fee! Since I earn my liv­ing writ­ing adverts for com­mer­cial radio, the BBC kind of gets up my nose. They have a bloated budget and no com­mer­cial con­cerns…

    But they do the arch­ers and Doctor Who and if they didn’t, I’m pretty sure no com­mer­cial media would.

    Double edged sword. If there was noth­ing but com­mer­cial radio and TV, we’d all end up watch­ing noth­ing but celebrity game shows.

    I only wrote this because I can­not con­trib­ute ANYTHING to the genet­ics dis­cus­sion! I’m too thick!

  2. Right you are, Rolski, but, when I think about it, I watch vir­tu­ally noth­ing that hasn’t been pro­duced by the BBC (though I’ve loved a lot of com­mer­cially-pro­duced TV shows in the past). I hope your jingles are bet­ter than the ones for Gemini FM, our loc­al (Exeter) radio sta­tion, at least the ones I serm to hear two minutes after mak­ing the mis­take of switch­ing to it. I think the last com­mer­cial was a chor­us of barely-in-tune ‘yokels’ (i.e. act­ors with Bristolian accents who think they sound like Devoners) scream­ing about sham­poo, or some­thing. *shud­der*

  3. I just love that “Wigton”. Anyone who comes from, and tips their hat to, Wigton, just has to be OK.
    Silloth would be even bet­ter, but Wigton is fine. It is where people from Silloth go to school.

  4. True enough, Joe. Thanks for the tip with the Segundo show — I caught it (the show) for the first time in the autumn when there was an inter­view with David Mitchell. The Dawkins one was good. Why can’t we have more voices with sense in the media?

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