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  1. Good post, Ian, thanks! I am so programmed into never going out that it didn’t even occur to me to try to go, even though I “live in London” (ie daily commute to and from a suburb/Kings Cross).
    Interesting the books of King’s you highlighted as his greats. I haven’t read all of King but the ones you mention are my favourites (have not read Dolores Clairborne), I think the Stand is my favourite of all, though I would substitute Salem’s Lot for The Shining in your list. (The book of the Shining was better than the movie by a long way, though.)

  2. Wow, I’m jealous. You got to see him!

    I’m a huge fan of America’s Schlockmiester and think he’s horribly misrepresented by the Snoberati. He’s not always a consistent author, but he’s a fascinating one. I just finished Bag of Bones and before that From a Buick Eight and loved the deep slice of Americana he served up with the understated horror story.

    I know you and King both share an approach to writing – the sitting down and just writing approach (it’s probably got a real name. Or else make one up.) I am the opposite. I think planning and plotting is essential to building a story. But even though I approach things in a different way, I really admire the huge range and depth of King’s writing and that’s probably a result of not having a strict plot mapped out.

    I wrote a post about King a short while ago, but it wasn’t as good as yours.


  3. Maxine, you should have come along! I’m not a great fan of Salem’s Lot – while good, I think it contains the seed of King’s later wordiiness, and I thought it was a little too derivative of Stoker’s Dracula. Good book, though…

  4. I enjoyed your post on King, Roland – it’s definitely true that the critics of the world have done him a disservice. At the same time, I can’t help but think that the real test of his class is the astounding sales figures. I suspect King’s fiction will outlive the comments of his critics.

  5. Crikey, she is. Still, that’s what blogging is all about – people are free to express their feelings. And readers, thankfully, are free to judge the blogger as a complete tit.

  6. So, you thought that the great she-devil Madame Arcati would not get to hear of these foul words against her person, did you? I might have guessed that the little squirt Ali Karim would be the source. I followed the trail of his misspellings (eg “peice”) and here I find myself in this twilight world of unreconstructed writer-love, yum yum, this temple dedicated to stalker graphomaniacs and other lapsed subscibers to the Dr Who mag.

    Arcati’s watching you Karim, oh yes. This Arcati knows what to do with her crystal ball and where to shove it. But I thank you also for the greater dissemination of the Arcati legend and you’d better carry on promoting me if you don’t want me to invoke my unfriendly familiars who lurk on the outer edges of the blogosphere. You don’t want me to get too upset now, do you, Mr Al – MD of Chemicals and Gases – Karim?

    I shall now carry on exploring this blog and see what I see.

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