2 thoughts on “Battle of the Beards”

  1. I’m not abso­lutely cer­tain, but I think yours was the strangest BAFAB con­test.… But I’m glad it was a suc­cess. And I’m not just say­ing that to suck your beard.

    By the way, there was talk in your oth­er post’s com­ments about the nat­ur­al state of man and beards and so on. This is per­haps the appro­pri­ate place to lament that mod­ern soci­ety seems to think chest hair (on men) unseemly, or unsexy. Has the world indeed gone mad?

  2. Thanks, Debra — I’ll treas­ure that accol­ade of strangest BAFAB con­test! I think the jury is still out on hairy chests, isn’t it? But it gives me an idea for the next BAFAB con­test…

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