The Friday Project and Creative Commons

OK, so it’s Sunday night, but that won’t stop me writ­ing a post about The Friday Project. TFP is a pub­lish­er that appears to spe­cial­ise in web-to-print books (as well little books that some­times appear on the tills of Waterstone’s branches). Notably, it also picked up a new Commercial Director by the name of Scott Pack. Scott used to be the Chief Buying Manager for Waterstone’s, and I inter­viewed him a few weeks back over on Pacifist Guerilla.

According to Publishing News, TFP will soon make the major­ity of its titles avail­able for down­load free of charge under a cre­at­ive com­mons licence. This means (depend­ing on the fla­vour of licence chosen) that users will be giv­en per­mis­sion to down­load, copy and per­haps redis­trib­ute TFP books while keep­ing author­ship and pub­lish­er inform­a­tion intact. Commercial sui­cide? Not really. To para­phrase sci­ffy author and digit­al rights evan­gel­ist Cory Doctorow, most authors lose sales not because their mater­i­al is avail­able for free, but because nobody has heard of them. TFP has already, appar­ently, released Blood, Sweat and Tea — based on a blog­ging ambu­lance driver — under a cre­at­ive com­mons licence, and com­mer­cial (phys­ic­al) cop­ies of that book has sold very well. Good luck to ‘em, I say. I think the cre­at­ive com­mons rep­res­ents an excel­lent, com­mon­sensic­al relax­a­tion of ancient copy­right laws that should bene­fit artists every­where. The pod­cast of my nov­el Déjà Vu is avail­able under a cre­at­ive com­mons licence (check out the archive here.)

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Author: Ian Hocking

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Project and Creative Commons”

  1. As one of the authors involved in this, I think it’s a tre­mend­ous way of get­ting the book sampled (or even read) by those who nor­mally wouldn’t get to hear about it. As prrof that it works, I’m about to read the first chapter of deja vu…

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