One thought on “The Cost of Air Travel”

  1. I guess most people don’t want to give up flying, but I have! I experienced THREE incidents and after the last one I decided not to test my luck any longer. First time, our aircraft sheared off the tires of the landing gear on runway lights. We had to dump fuel over the Pacific for an hour before returning to the originating airport and a field lined with ambulances and fire engines. Second time, the ‘plane got ‘stuck’ on autopilot and wobbled about in the sky like a child pretending to be an airplane – left wing up, right down, right wing up, left down – for a very long time. Third incident, flying into Chicago’s OHare airport – at the time billed as the busiest airport in the world – I was listening in on the pilot’s communication with traffic control. Traffic control said “O.K., (cutesy name for the type of plane), you can descend to five thousand feet now..” Our pilot: “Uh…, control? We’re already at five thousand feet…”

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