One thought on “The Cost of Air Travel”

  1. I guess most people don’t want to give up fly­ing, but I have! I exper­i­enced THREE incid­ents and after the last one I decided not to test my luck any longer. First time, our air­craft sheared off the tires of the land­ing gear on run­way lights. We had to dump fuel over the Pacific for an hour before return­ing to the ori­gin­at­ing air­port and a field lined with ambu­lances and fire engines. Second time, the ‘plane got ‘stuck’ on auto­pi­lot and wobbled about in the sky like a child pre­tend­ing to be an air­plane — left wing up, right down, right wing up, left down — for a very long time. Third incid­ent, fly­ing into Chicago’s OHare air­port — at the time billed as the busiest air­port in the world — I was listen­ing in on the pilot’s com­mu­nic­a­tion with traffic con­trol. Traffic con­trol said “O.K., (cutesy name for the type of plane), you can des­cend to five thou­sand feet now..” Our pilot: “Uh…, con­trol? We’re already at five thou­sand feet…”

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