9 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Library”

  1. No no! Letting people know you are the author of the book they’re hold­ing is like brag­ging how much sex you get. Everyone knows, if you really got that much sex, you wouldn’t feel the need to brag about it. So, res­ist!

    Pretend you see people car­ry­ing your books all the time.

    Let them think you are a super-stud.


  2. Maybe your book appeals to slow read­ers. Don’t take this per­son­ally; I’ve read some glow­ing online reviews of my books that have clearly been writ­ten by people who might struggle with Dan Brown. But we can’t com­plain, can we, without sound­ing like Jonathan Franzen?

  3. You’re right, Martin. Next time, I’ll anounce, ‘Will I see any­one NOT car­ry­ing one of cri­ti­cially-acclaimed books today? Hmm?’


    Quieter: ‘Sorry.’

  4. Hurray for slow read­ers, Tim. I worry that people read too fast these days, and gulp down all the nuances when they should savour them. Crikey — am I sound­ing like Franzten?

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