9 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Library”

  1. No no! Letting people know you are the author of the book they’re holding is like bragging how much sex you get. Everyone knows, if you really got that much sex, you wouldn’t feel the need to brag about it. So, resist!

    Pretend you see people carrying your books all the time.

    Let them think you are a super-stud.


  2. Maybe your book appeals to slow readers. Don’t take this personally; I’ve read some glowing online reviews of my books that have clearly been written by people who might struggle with Dan Brown. But we can’t complain, can we, without sounding like Jonathan Franzen?

  3. You’re right, Martin. Next time, I’ll anounce, ‘Will I see anyone NOT carrying one of criticially-acclaimed books today? Hmm?’


    Quieter: ‘Sorry.’

  4. Hurray for slow readers, Tim. I worry that people read too fast these days, and gulp down all the nuances when they should savour them. Crikey – am I sounding like Franzten?

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