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One of the qual­it­ies I have that reg­u­larly irrit­ates my girl­friend is a pen­chant for com­plain­ing about poor design. You know, kit­chen utensils that I break the first time I use them; doors with handles that afford pulling when they must be pushed; and online forms gen­er­ally. One par­tic­u­lar bug bear has been post­ing manu­scripts. “Grr,” I would say pir­at­ic­ally, “I know the weight of these manu­scripts, I have the envel­opes, so why can’t I just pay online, write a code on the bleddy thing, and send it off? Why do I have to cycle a mile to the Post Office and shout through a grill?”.

Well, finally, the Royal Mail (in the UK we send ‘post’ via the ‘Royal Mail’; in the US they send ‘mail’ via the ‘US Postal Service’; why?; answers on a post­card, please; altern­at­ively, go fig­ure) has taken the wind from my sails.

At this site, you can now tell Royal Mail (a) how much your par­cel weighs, (b) the size of the envel­ope, and they’ll dir­ect you to a page where you can down­load the Adobe Acrobat PDF of a label to stick on the front. Then, you can just shove the manu­script — feel free to shoulder barge if needs be; I do — into your nearest pill box.

Now, if only I had some­thing to send…

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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