9 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life”

  1. Yes you have been neg­lect­ing this blog lately, and I for one am happy you have returned to your theme.

    I don’t think I’ve left a com­ment here before, but I have been fol­low­ing your blog for some time. Do con­tin­ue!


  2. It’s a tense moment, get­ting that first girlfriend/wife read through. Rachel insists on read­ing my manu­scripts in bed, with me very uncom­fort­ably next to her. You can ima­gine some of the ten­sions this sets off! Worst is when she looks at me dis­ap­prov­ingly over the manu­script and when chal­lenged, says, ‘Nothing.’ Or when she reaches for a pen­cil and scribbles manically on the script. Usually we don’t talk about the thing until it the read­ing is done.

  3. Yes, the same pro­ced­ure is fol­lowed by Britta and I. Bizarrely, she seems to pre-empt my stress by snap­ping at me if I ask some­thing inno­cent like ‘How’s it going?’ — of course, I could be ask­ing about life in gen­er­al. (But I’m not.) Another prob­lem is that this book is quite long (120,000) and she still hasn’t fin­ished!

  4. Hi, I’m enjoy­ing these nov­el-related posts. I’m also work­ing on a nov­el which is approach­ing the edit­ing stage.

  5. I have only just joined here Ian, but my main site is still very much active(www.tarahanks.org). Thanks for put­ting a link to it on your page.

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