Well, I’m back from Croatia. Lovely people, great food – and that was just our flat. I’m kidding. Croatians are friendly and helpful people, and the island of Krk contains a range of places to chill out: peaceful bays, busier towns, and a city or two (where you’ll find, at last, a place that sells Crunchy Nut Cornflakes). A couple of days’ rain, to be sure, and Britta and I did our turn looking like Smurf roadkill thanks to our old Sea World ponchos.

The main point of the holiday was go Internet-free, stop writing (at which I was unsuccessful), and read some books. I made some notes of these books, which I’ll present in my second post.

First of all, though, here’s a picture of me covered with mud – the healthy kind, apparently (I still have grit in my ears):

Another of me on the water taxi that connects the island of Krk to mainland Croatia. Don’t I look happy? That’s probably because these will be last few hours before a nasty bout of food poisoning. Holidays, eh?

So I missed out on the diving, but my girlfriend told me all about it. Here she is about to take the plunge for the first time:

And seconds before the plunge:

A last one of me, recovering on a rock somewhere:

For those people who know me in the flesh, there will be a online album at some point, once Britta helps me correct my spelling on the captions.

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