Blogger Fun

Oh, and it is. Hilariously — part two — if I were to delete the pre­vi­ous post, it would prob­ably trig­ger the self same prob­lem that led me to post that post and so it is with this one and, from there, we launch into the heady vaults infin­ity.

Gulp, sir. Gulp.

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Author: Ian Hocking

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4 thoughts on “Blogger Fun”

  1. I just got a msg from Debra H that blog­ger is now allow­ing cat­egor­ies. Have not checked it out, but could that be why?

    I have a friend who is a WordPress blog­ger (New Tammany College); he and I have been curs­ing WordPress for the past few days, then they sud­denly came up with this tab for “tag search” beta (of course) — so they’d evid­ently been play­ing around without telling the users.

    Typepad is behav­ing itself at the moment– but that coudl change!

    Incidentally, it is dead easy to migrate your con­tent over to WordPress and it is free. I can recom­mend it, I got so many tech­nic­al prob­lems on blog­ger and am much hap­pi­er on Typepad (you have to pay about 2 pounds a month) and WordPress (free). Much more func­tion­al­ity and (on the whole!) sta­bil­ity. And I’m no tec­ch­ie.

  2. Hmm. Thanks for the tip, Maxine. I’ll cer­tainly look into it. It seems none of these ser­vices are 100% reli­able, but 90% would be ok for now.

  3. well it looks alright now…congrats!

    Thanks for wrest­ling with the prob­lem.

    –RC of

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