Blogger Fun

Oh, and it is. Hilariously – part two – if I were to delete the previous post, it would probably trigger the self same problem that led me to post that post and so it is with this one and, from there, we launch into the heady vaults infinity.

Gulp, sir. Gulp.

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4 thoughts on “Blogger Fun”

  1. I just got a msg from Debra H that blogger is now allowing categories. Have not checked it out, but could that be why?

    I have a friend who is a WordPress blogger (New Tammany College); he and I have been cursing WordPress for the past few days, then they suddenly came up with this tab for “tag search” beta (of course) — so they’d evidently been playing around without telling the users.

    Typepad is behaving itself at the moment– but that coudl change!

    Incidentally, it is dead easy to migrate your content over to WordPress and it is free. I can recommend it, I got so many technical problems on blogger and am much happier on Typepad (you have to pay about 2 pounds a month) and WordPress (free). Much more functionality and (on the whole!) stability. And I’m no tecchie.

  2. Hmm. Thanks for the tip, Maxine. I’ll certainly look into it. It seems none of these services are 100% reliable, but 90% would be ok for now.

  3. well it looks alright now…congrats!

    Thanks for wrestling with the problem.

    –RC of

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