Scott Spills A Bean or Three

Scott Pack (inter­viewed by me yes­ter­day) has been busy over at his new blog. Today, you can read this post, which out­lines the real reas­on he left Waterstone’s. Here’s a taster:

The Waterstone’s board were shit­ting them­selves about mar­gin and mar­ket share. Both were down. The two M’s have accoun­ted for many a pair of exec­ut­ive under­pants in the his­tory of retail and this was no excep­tion. The debate about what to do las­ted weeks and got quite heated. Eventually the decision was taken to reduce the size of the Summer Reading 3 for 2. It was slashed from over 700 titles to just 200. The mas­ter plan was to sell less of this lower mar­gin stuff and thereby drive sales of the high­er mar­gin back­list up. Oh, and Offer Of The Week was pulled as well.

I’d get over there and read the full art­icle, if I were you. You’d be mad to miss it.

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