Scott Pack Attacked by Pacifist Guerilla

At the risk of going inter­view-crazy (cf. the week­end Millington inter­view servings one and two), I’ve con­duc­ted anoth­er inter­view with Scott Pack, former Buying Manager for the UK’s book chain Waterstone’s. Scott has always been approach­able and, fol­low­ing his depar­ture from Waterstone’s, con­sen­ted to answer some ques­tions about the UK pub­lish­ing industry, print-on-demand pub­lish­ing, the Richard and Judy book­club, and web­sites fre­quen­ted by ‘those on the inside’. Scott’s brain emis­sions can now be found at his new blog, Me and My Big Mouth, which his hos­ted by (but does not neces­sar­ily reflect, etc.) his new employ­er, The Friday Project.

The inter­view, incid­ent­ally, is pub­lished on a blog called Pacifist Guerilla run by the redoubt­able Neil Ayres — author of the mov­ing Nicolo’s Gifts — and the inim­it­able Aliya Whiteley, author of the Macmillan New Writing title Three Things About Me.

In case this post has boggled your mind with its num­ber of links, you can read the inter­view here.

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Author: Ian Hocking

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2 thoughts on “Scott Pack Attacked by Pacifist Guerilla”

  1. Thanks for this, Ian, I’ve added Scott Pack’s blog to my bloglines sub­scrip­tions. I liked the inter­view over at PG — Scott Pack is a straight talk­ing guy! (Liked his Times art­icle too, which I read the old-fash­ioned way.)

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