Scott Pack Attacked by Pacifist Guerilla

At the risk of going interview-crazy (cf. the weekend Millington interview servings one and two), I’ve conducted another interview with Scott Pack, former Buying Manager for the UK’s book chain Waterstone’s. Scott has always been approachable and, following his departure from Waterstone’s, consented to answer some questions about the UK publishing industry, print-on-demand publishing, the Richard and Judy bookclub, and websites frequented by ‘those on the inside’. Scott’s brain emissions can now be found at his new blog, Me and My Big Mouth, which his hosted by (but does not necessarily reflect, etc.) his new employer, The Friday Project.

The interview, incidentally, is published on a blog called Pacifist Guerilla run by the redoubtable Neil Ayres – author of the moving Nicolo’s Gifts – and the inimitable Aliya Whiteley, author of the Macmillan New Writing title Three Things About Me.

In case this post has boggled your mind with its number of links, you can read the interview here.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Pack Attacked by Pacifist Guerilla”

  1. Thanks for this, Ian, I’ve added Scott Pack’s blog to my bloglines subscriptions. I liked the interview over at PG — Scott Pack is a straight talking guy! (Liked his Times article too, which I read the old-fashioned way.)

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