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My friend and yours, Roger Morris, author of the very interesting Taking Comfort (my review of which here) has taken the step of producing a snazzy ‘trailer’ for his book. There isn’t any throaty American narrator saying stuff like ‘This year’ and ‘Worst fears’, but it’s still good. Roger has more info in this post. The trailer is available on SelfCastTV here:

I love the idea so much I’ve decided to follow in Roger’s footsteps, so watch out for a Flashback trailer soon. For other authors interested in following this route, I’ll probably post a quick ‘how to’ later this month.

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5 thoughts on “Roger’s Trailer”

  1. Cheers, Ian,

    Thanks for the generous plug and for all the help ironing out technical, or rather mac-nical, hitches.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished Flashback trailer too!


  2. There’s a nifty game called “The Movies” which I was going to make a trailer on… Until people pointed out that it might be crap. But good luck with the trailer. I look forward to seeing it.

  3. Hi, Ian.

    I’ll get the interview up tonight. Cannae access gmail at the moment, which is where it is.

  4. Thanks, Neil. I’ve got a version with some hyperlinks and a couple of typos corrected. Shout out if you need it…

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