Aliya Whiteley’s Book Launch

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the North Devon book launch of Three Things About Me, the new book from Aliya Whiteley. Her publisher is Macmillan New Writing, of whom many people have had many things to say. The quality of the books, of course, speaks for itself. So far I’ve read Aliya’s, Roger’s, and Michael’s, and I’d say they’re all sterling efforts.

Aliya’s launch was co-organised by Ottakar’s and Barnstaple Library and she did a fine job of summarising her book and giving the sixty-plus listeners a taste of the first chapter. I had to shoot off just after the reading, but Aliya was kind enough to sign my copy and chat to me about the Macmillan publishing process. We also remembered the ordeal of editing Déjà Vu – my editor was one Aliya Whiteley – and I could thank her, in person, for pulling so many of my irons out of the fire. Aliya’s book should be available in all good bookshops.

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3 thoughts on “Aliya Whiteley’s Book Launch”

  1. Ah yes! Aliya’s book is out now. I have it – though unsigned. I will get to it soooooon. So many books. I love the premise, by the way. And the structure seems very interesting.

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