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A few months ago, Tom Lodge con­tac­ted me (or I con­tac­ted him; can’t remem­ber) about his new site, The FrontList. Essentially, this site provides a free ser­vice whereby aspir­ing authors sub­mit their prose and have it ranked by oth­er writers. Each month, the cream of the crop will be placed — in dainty dish stylee — before agents and pub­lish­ers who spe­cial­ise in a giv­en genre. How come it’s free? Well, writers are required to provide cri­tiques before they can upload stuff them­selves. Like any peer-review ser­vice, of course, you can get the occa­sion­al bizar­re­ness, but since cri­tiquing oth­ers’ work will almost cer­tainly improve your own, this site looks like one that is worth a go.

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Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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