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Welcome to Day 3 of Buy a Friend a Book’s First Anniversary Contest!

Buy a Friend a Book — the site that urges vis­it­ors to sur­prise their friends with the gift of books dur­ing four quarterly BAFAB weeks a year — is throw­ing a week-long puzzle con­test to cel­eb­rate the site’s first anniversary. Every day from July 1st to July 6th a new puzzle will be unveiled at one of the lit­er­ary sites help­ing out with BAFAB’s First Anniversary Contest. This Writing Life is your co-host for the third day of the puzzle. Contest par­ti­cipants will be asked to solve six puzzles dur­ing the course of the week and to answer a final ques­tion on the contest’s sev­enth day.

Three win­ners will be drawn at ran­dom from all the cor­rect responses received. The win­ners will win hun­dreds of dol­lars worth of lit­er­ary stuff–stacks of books and free mem­ber­ships in LibraryThing and even a text edit­or. See the com­plete prize list here and the offi­cial rules here.

If you’re dis­cov­er­ing this con­test a little late in the week, don’t worry. After they are ini­tially announced, all six puzzles will remain avail­able for the dur­a­tion of the con­test. Thus con­test­ants who learn of the puzzle later in the week will not be barred from par­ti­cip­at­ing.

Here’s the com­plete sched­ule of events:

July 1 — Puzzle #1 intro­duced at Grumpy Old Bookman
July 2 — Puzzle #2 intro­duced at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
July 3 — Puzzle #3 intro­duced at This Writing Life
July 4 — Puzzle #4 intro­duced at Books, Inq.
July 5 — Puzzle #5 intro­duced at Refrigerator Door
July 6 — Puzzle #6 intro­duced at No Rules. Just Write
July 7 — Final ques­tion posed at Buy a Friend a Book

Today’s puzzle is a logic puzzle. Here are the puzzle’s clues. Go to Buy a Friend a Book to print out the dia­gram you need to com­plete the puzzle.

The clues:

1. Chuck Noland shipped his pack­age two days before Lawrance Bernabo’s BAFAB gift was ordered at and shipped by Amazon.

2. Fiona Widdershins sent her pack­age the day before Wayne Knight shipped his. She did not send her pack­age to Boston.

3. The pack­age sent by the U.S. Postal Service was shipped three days after someone used a secret drop in Frankfurt to deliv­er theirs.

4. The pack­aged delivered in Connecticut was sent the day after a pack­age was shipped to Boston.

5. Three men sent off their BAFAB books before Wayne Knight sent his.

6. Because it was shipped on the first day of BAFAB Week, a lucky book recip­i­ent in Elba was able to fin­ish read­ing War and Peace ere oth­ers ever received their pack­ages.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

One thought on “Buy A Friend A Book”

  1. This is, of course, dis­tinct from that cir­cu­lar game among authori­al acquaint­ances, Buy A Friend’s Book (you buy mine and I’ll buy yours).

    And as for the end-of-year game, Plug A Friend’s Book, hell, let’s not go there.

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