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Déjà Vu Audiobook

Deja Vu, an audiobook by Ian Hocking

As promised, here is a post that contains links to all the MP3s for the free audiobook version of Déjà Vu. I'll soon get around to combining the files into one, but for the time being they can be downloaded individually. Please remember that the audiobook is distributed under a creative commons licence that you can read more about here - or listen to in the author's introduction, below.

Author's introduction, including licensing

Listen [25 minutes, 6 megabytes]

Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two

In truth, the nightmare did not belong to Jennifer Proctor. It belonged to her father. He told her about the death of his wife, Jennifer’s mother, in the autumn of her tenth year...

Listen to this chapter [25 minutes, 5 megabytes]

Chapters Three and Four

It was not usual for her to faint, but Saskia’s surprise at the appearance of her secretary was such that she woke with a feeling that a lifetime had passed, though nothing had changed in the kitchen.

Listen to this chapter [25 minutes, 6 megabytes]

Chapters Five and Six

At her desk with her back to the afternoon, Saskia inhaled through her nose, lifted her head, and expelled the air through her open mouth.

Listen to this chapter [31 minutes, 7.4 megabytes]

Chapters Seven and Eight

She felt each second of the night. But, inevitably, a honey dawn came to the windows of Potsdamer Platz, and the empty streets gathered their people. The city restarted.

Listen to this chapter [20 minutes, 6 megabytes]

Chapter Nine

On the following Monday, David was transferred to a police station in Whitburn, which was some miles to the east of the old research centre. The police neither registered nor interviewed him.

Listen to this chapter [19 minutes, 5 megabytes]

Chapter Ten

Jennifer Proctor rose at dawn, when the sky was blank, unwritten. She took the elevator down to the subterranean car park. The traffic was already heavy, but manageable if she avoided the Strip.

Listen to this chapter [28 minutes, 6.6 megabytes]

Chapter Eleven

Several groggy minutes after waking, Saskia Brandt opened her fridge. Some cheese. A little bread. She closed it and the kitchen darkened.

Listen to this chapter [15 minutes, 3 megabytes]

Chapter Twelve, Part 1

It was dawn when David awoke. His face, the only part not covered by the foil, had deadened. His legs were twisted. His hands were tense balls of bone and sinew.

Listen to this chapter [23 minutes, 7 megabytes]

Chapter Twelve, Part 2

The air was cold and smelled of pine. Saskia could hear running water. The surrounding trees were high firs and she was held, albeit briefly, by the urge to run into that woodland and just be there, where it was silent and safe.

Listen to this chapter [22 minutes, 6 megabytes]

Chapter Thirteen

David pulled into a narrow alleyway. He dug for the kickstand and eased the bike to a stable tilt. He slid off and plucked the key from the ignition. The glow of the display faded.

Listen to this chapter [31 minutes, 9 megabytes]

Chapter Fourteen

The hole expanded, rushed to blackness. She heard Jago say, ‘A friend of mine was paralysed by one of those,’ but he was no longer there. It was a memory.

Listen to this chapter [15 minutes, 4.6 megabytes]

Chapter Fifteen, Part 1

David reached the M1 and rode steadily until Northallerton was far behind him. He turned off and entered a maze of country lanes and high hedgerows. The lights of Sheffield stained the western sky.

Listen to this chapter [20 minutes, 5.7 megabytes]

Chapter Fifteen, Part 2

Saskia and Jago stood beneath a glass awning at the front of the building. It was raining. In front of them, a great lawn spread out on either side of a gravel path.

Listen to this chapter [24 minutes, 6.9 megabytes]

Chapter Sixteen

David glanced at the bike’s dashboard. It was 4:00 pm. He had been riding for nearly nine hours. It was time to gather the elements of his disguise.

Listen to this chapter [24 minutes, 7.1 megabytes]

Chapter Seventeen

It was a minute after midnight when David entered Terminal Five. He found an outside car park and stopped in a bay large enough for a car.

Listen to this chapter [33 minutes, 9.6 megabytes]

Chapter Eighteen

The mirror buzzed against its screws and blurred her reflection. Saskia considered his story. The compass of her mind floated over an inscrutable lodestone – her lost memories, perhaps – and settled on a decision.

Listen to this chapter [25 minutes, 7.2 megabytes]

Chapter Nineteen

Jennifer’s car stopped at the base of the rocky column. As she sorted her papers, she turned to Frank Stone. ‘Are you going to follow me inside?’

Listen to this chapter [10 minutes, 3 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty

In the car, sealed from the wind, Jennifer’s attention shifted from her father to the agent, and back again. The two sat on the rear seat and awaited her questions.

Listen to this chapter [22 minutes, 6.4 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-One

Before Saskia could reply, a sharp object jabbed into her sole. She looked down and saw that her feet were now resting on the shingle floor.

Listen to this chapter [23 minutes, 6.8 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Two

David awoke by degrees. He was on his back. Close by, two women were talking. He blinked to clear his eyes. ‘Hello?’ he asked.

Listen to this chapter [23 minutes, 6.8 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Three

The tusk-like arches of the train station emerged on her left. On her right was a department store. She stepped between them a wounded figure.

Listen to this chapter [18 minutes, 5.4 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Four


Ute opened her eyes. The gun had misfired, but she had no time to ponder the extraordinary unlikelihood of the event. Memories crowded her. She remembered her first kiss

Listen to this chapter [25 minutes, 7.2 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Five

It was a disappointingly mechanical affair. A hatch opened in the bottom of the gondola and she tumbled into a bright, cold sky.

Listen to this chapter [12 minutes, 3.8 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Six

‘Listen,’ Jennifer said, leaning into the microphone. ‘We’re sending you back one half hour before Hartfield. That is, 2:34 p.m. on the afternoon of May 14th 2003.’

Listen to this chapter [10 minutes, 2.7 megabytes]

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Saskia lifted her head and licked her dust-covered lips. Her eyes were dry and raw. She looked around for Bruce and saw that he had gone.

Listen to this chapter [10 minutes, 3.1 megabytes]


From his bench next to the Thames, he saw a pigeon flutter to a stop near his feet. A young couple walked by. They looked at him, glanced at the remaining space on the bench, and continued walking.

Listen to this chapter [9 minutes, 2.6 megabytes]

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Anonymous Lukas Engelke said...

Can´t believe that noone left any comment on this up to now - anything wrong with my browser?
Anyway: I´m but a week or so in this mp3-player-and-podcast-business and this novel is one of the first things I stumbled upon while cutting my way through the jungle of offers and I´m REALLY HAPPY. Not only that I can read now while doing the housework, not only that I can easily and wihthout any efforts improve my english comprehension (remark: I´m a german teacher on parental leave) but I am brilliantly entertained for endless hours - I just pity my children, who have to pull on my legs when they want to talk to me.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Hocking. And, just in case you plan another project containing german citations, feel free to adress me for questions of pronunciation :)

7:56 PM  
Blogger Dr Ian Hocking said...

Thanks for your kind words, Lukas. I guess I should have prefaced the podcast with 'No German nouns were harmed in the making of this podcast, even though the author was powerfully tempted because they're really long and irritating' :-) Saskia Brandt will return in 'Flashback'...

12:05 AM  

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