Spike Magazine is Ten Years Old

This is a nice postlet: Spike magazine, to which I have contributed the odd review, announces that it is ten years old. Well done, Chris!

In related news, I must apologise for the poverty of posts in the past week. Indeed, looking at the date on my last post, I see that it is dated one week ago – quite a long pause for me. This is due to a number of things like moving house, moving house and – lastly – moving house. But I’ve been accruing ideas for future posts – you have been warned.

PS The lack of an heading graphic for this post can be laid firmly at the foot of my new computer, a MacBook Pro, which doesn’t yet have my favourite blogging application installed. I know, I know. A poor workman and so on.

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One thought on “Spike Magazine is Ten Years Old”

  1. So you caved in and got a MacBook Pro– want to hear all about it! Is it as good in real life as it is in my head I wonder?

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