Déjà Vu Audiobook

Deja Vu, an audiobook by Ian Hocking

As prom­ised, here is a post that con­tains links to all the MP3s for the free audiobook ver­sion of Déjà Vu. I’ll soon get around to com­bin­ing the files into one, but for the time being they can be down­loaded indi­vidu­ally. Please remem­ber that the audiobook is dis­trib­uted under a cre­at­ive com­mons licence that you can read more about here — or listen to in the author’s intro­duc­tion, below.

Author’s introduction, including licensing

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Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two

In truth, the night­mare did not belong to Jennifer Proctor. It belonged to her fath­er. He told her about the death of his wife, Jennifer’s moth­er, in the autumn of her tenth year…

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Chapters Three and Four

It was not usu­al for her to faint, but Saskia’s sur­prise at the appear­ance of her sec­ret­ary was such that she woke with a feel­ing that a life­time had passed, though noth­ing had changed in the kit­chen.

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Chapters Five and Six

At her desk with her back to the after­noon, Saskia inhaled through her nose, lif­ted her head, and expelled the air through her open mouth.

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Chapters Seven and Eight

She felt each second of the night. But, inev­it­ably, a honey dawn came to the win­dows of Potsdamer Platz, and the empty streets gathered their people. The city restar­ted.

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Chapter Nine

On the fol­low­ing Monday, David was trans­ferred to a police sta­tion in Whitburn, which was some miles to the east of the old research centre. The police neither registered nor inter­viewed him.

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Chapter Ten

Jennifer Proctor rose at dawn, when the sky was blank, unwrit­ten. She took the elev­at­or down to the sub­ter­ranean car park. The traffic was already heavy, but man­age­able if she avoided the Strip.

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Chapter Eleven

Several groggy minutes after wak­ing, Saskia Brandt opened her fridge. Some cheese. A little bread. She closed it and the kit­chen darkened.

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Chapter Twelve, Part 1

It was dawn when David awoke. His face, the only part not covered by the foil, had deadened. His legs were twis­ted. His hands were tense balls of bone and sinew.

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Chapter Twelve, Part 2

The air was cold and smelled of pine. Saskia could hear run­ning water. The sur­round­ing trees were high firs and she was held, albeit briefly, by the urge to run into that wood­land and just be there, where it was silent and safe.

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Chapter Thirteen

David pulled into a nar­row alley­way. He dug for the kick­stand and eased the bike to a stable tilt. He slid off and plucked the key from the igni­tion. The glow of the dis­play faded.

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Chapter Fourteen

The hole expan­ded, rushed to black­ness. She heard Jago say, ‘A friend of mine was para­lysed by one of those,’ but he was no longer there. It was a memory.

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Chapter Fifteen, Part 1

David reached the M1 and rode stead­ily until Northallerton was far behind him. He turned off and entered a maze of coun­try lanes and high hedgerows. The lights of Sheffield stained the west­ern sky.

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Chapter Fifteen, Part 2

Saskia and Jago stood beneath a glass awn­ing at the front of the build­ing. It was rain­ing. In front of them, a great lawn spread out on either side of a gravel path.

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Chapter Sixteen

David glanced at the bike’s dash­board. It was 4:00 pm. He had been rid­ing for nearly nine hours. It was time to gath­er the ele­ments of his dis­guise.

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Chapter Seventeen

It was a minute after mid­night when David entered Terminal Five. He found an out­side car park and stopped in a bay large enough for a car.

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Chapter Eighteen

The mir­ror buzzed against its screws and blurred her reflec­tion. Saskia con­sidered his story. The com­pass of her mind floated over an inscrut­able lode­stone – her lost memor­ies, per­haps – and settled on a decision.

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Chapter Nineteen

Jennifer’s car stopped at the base of the rocky column. As she sor­ted her papers, she turned to Frank Stone. ‘Are you going to fol­low me inside?’

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Chapter Twenty

In the car, sealed from the wind, Jennifer’s atten­tion shif­ted from her fath­er to the agent, and back again. The two sat on the rear seat and awaited her ques­tions.

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Chapter Twenty-One

Before Saskia could reply, a sharp object jabbed into her sole. She looked down and saw that her feet were now rest­ing on the shingle floor.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

David awoke by degrees. He was on his back. Close by, two women were talk­ing. He blinked to clear his eyes. ‘Hello?’ he asked.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

The tusk-like arches of the train sta­tion emerged on her left. On her right was a depart­ment store. She stepped between them a wounded fig­ure.

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Chapter Twenty-Four


Ute opened her eyes. The gun had mis­fired, but she had no time to pon­der the extraordin­ary unlike­li­hood of the event. Memories crowded her. She remembered her first kiss

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Chapter Twenty-Five

It was a dis­ap­point­ingly mech­an­ic­al affair. A hatch opened in the bot­tom of the gon­dola and she tumbled into a bright, cold sky.

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Chapter Twenty-Six

Listen,’ Jennifer said, lean­ing into the micro­phone. ‘We’re send­ing you back one half hour before Hartfield. That is, 2:34 p.m. on the after­noon of May 14th 2003.’

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Saskia lif­ted her head and licked her dust-covered lips. Her eyes were dry and raw. She looked around for Bruce and saw that he had gone.

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From his bench next to the Thames, he saw a pigeon flut­ter to a stop near his feet. A young couple walked by. They looked at him, glanced at the remain­ing space on the bench, and con­tin­ued walk­ing.

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Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

2 thoughts on “Déjà Vu Audiobook”

  1. Can´t believe that noone left any com­ment on this up to now — any­thing wrong with my browser?
    Anyway: I´m but a week or so in this mp3-play­er-and-pod­cast-busi­ness and this nov­el is one of the first things I stumbled upon while cut­ting my way through the jungle of offers and I´m REALLY HAPPY. Not only that I can read now while doing the house­work, not only that I can eas­ily and wih­thout any efforts improve my eng­lish com­pre­hen­sion (remark: I´m a ger­man teach­er on par­ent­al leave) but I am bril­liantly enter­tained for end­less hours — I just pity my chil­dren, who have to pull on my legs when they want to talk to me.
    Thanks a lot, Mr. Hocking. And, just in case you plan anoth­er pro­ject con­tain­ing ger­man cita­tions, feel free to adress me for ques­tions of pro­nun­ci­ation 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Lukas. I guess I should have pre­faced the pod­cast with ‘No German nouns were harmed in the mak­ing of this pod­cast, even though the author was power­fully temp­ted because they’re really long and irrit­at­ing’ 🙂 Saskia Brandt will return in ‘Flashback’…http://ianhocking.com/2006/02/flashback.html

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