2 thoughts on “Déjà Vu Audiobook”

  1. Can´t believe that noone left any com­ment on this up to now — any­thing wrong with my browser?
    Anyway: I´m but a week or so in this mp3-play­er-and-pod­cast-busi­ness and this nov­el is one of the first things I stumbled upon while cut­ting my way through the jungle of offers and I´m REALLY HAPPY. Not only that I can read now while doing the house­work, not only that I can eas­ily and wih­thout any efforts improve my eng­lish com­pre­hen­sion (remark: I´m a ger­man teach­er on par­ent­al leave) but I am bril­liantly enter­tained for end­less hours — I just pity my chil­dren, who have to pull on my legs when they want to talk to me.
    Thanks a lot, Mr. Hocking. And, just in case you plan anoth­er pro­ject con­tain­ing ger­man cita­tions, feel free to adress me for ques­tions of pro­nun­ci­ation 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Lukas. I guess I should have pre­faced the pod­cast with ‘No German nouns were harmed in the mak­ing of this pod­cast, even though the author was power­fully temp­ted because they’re really long and irrit­at­ing’ 🙂 Saskia Brandt will return in ‘Flashback’…http://ianhocking.com/2006/02/flashback.html

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