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Podcast of Deja Vu, a novel by Ian HockingThis prob­ably deserves a longer, more thought­ful entry, but my girl­friend and I are in the pro­cess of mov­ing house, and gen­er­al knack­er­ment pre­cludes ought but brev­ity.

Way back in November, I began a free pod­cast of Déjà Vu. My rule was one epis­ode — usu­ally a chapter — per week. With one pause due to ill­ness, I’ve man­aged to keep to sched­ule. The pod­casts have bene­fit­ted from a ded­ic­ated, if unwit­ting, spe­cial effects crew: the stu­dents who lived around this house, the birds, loc­al traffic, and my super­nat­ur­ally emo­tion­less deliv­ery.

Looking back, I won­der if it was worth it. I think so. My only goal was to get the thing done. No money, of course, was envis­aged; I like pod­casts to be free, and doubted that any­one would want to pay for it. Has it helped shift phys­ic­al cop­ies of the book? Perhaps. I’d have to check with my pub­lish­er. But the aim was always to pro­duce a pod­cast, and leave it at that.

Here’s a brief look at the stats for the pod­cast (provided by the cat-cool Feedburner massive), with the ver­tic­al axis rep­res­ent­ing unique sub­scribers:


The pod­cast feed will remain act­ive here, but I’ll post a single entry shortly that includes all audio files in one place.

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