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Podcast of Deja Vu, a novel by Ian HockingThis probably deserves a longer, more thoughtful entry, but my girlfriend and I are in the process of moving house, and general knackerment precludes ought but brevity.

Way back in November, I began a free podcast of Déjà Vu. My rule was one episode – usually a chapter – per week. With one pause due to illness, I’ve managed to keep to schedule. The podcasts have benefitted from a dedicated, if unwitting, special effects crew: the students who lived around this house, the birds, local traffic, and my supernaturally emotionless delivery.

Looking back, I wonder if it was worth it. I think so. My only goal was to get the thing done. No money, of course, was envisaged; I like podcasts to be free, and doubted that anyone would want to pay for it. Has it helped shift physical copies of the book? Perhaps. I’d have to check with my publisher. But the aim was always to produce a podcast, and leave it at that.

Here’s a brief look at the stats for the podcast (provided by the cat-cool Feedburner massive), with the vertical axis representing unique subscribers:


The podcast feed will remain active here, but I’ll post a single entry shortly that includes all audio files in one place.

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