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  1. Don’t worry too much about getting it on the cheap: when the book was released, Macmillan gave pallets (literally) of the paperback away to all and sundry in an effort to create word of mouth. It worked as well.

  2. I read the lovely bones a couple of years ago and it made me sob my eyes out. Powerful stuff.

  3. I work at Macmillans; one day we came in to work and found a copy on each of our desks. I’d already bought a copy by then but just goes to confirm what WR says.

    Now that Blogger is allowing comments, just wanted to write that I did enjoy the Lovely Bones and found the first half compelling and moving, as well as original (to me). However, I did not enjoy the second half very much and felt the book had kind of run out of steam. Overall I am glad I read it, it was harrowing but I did manage to gather some strength from it. And it is always nice to read a book by someone who can write so well. It does stand out in my mind as an exceptional book; I just felt slightly let down that after such a fantastic start, the book seemed to turn into a set formula.
    I also went out and bought Lucky as a result of reading LB, but have not read it yet.
    I read at the time that Sebold wrote Lucky first, but her publisher or someone advised her not to publish it first as then she would always be associated in everyone’s minds with the awful events of that story. So she wrote LB and published that, then published Lucky later. I don’t know if that is true, but it makes sense to me.
    Thanks for the post, Ian.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Maxine. I have to agree that I thought some of her story decisions in the second half stretched belief somewhat. I’m thinking, in particular, of the ‘episode’ involving Ruth and Susie’s first love, R___ (can’t remember his name). At the same time, I was impressed that Sebold still managed to make it work despite these flaws.

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