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  1. Don’t worry too much about get­ting it on the cheap: when the book was released, Macmillan gave pal­lets (lit­er­ally) of the paper­back away to all and sun­dry in an effort to cre­ate word of mouth. It worked as well.

  2. I read the lovely bones a couple of years ago and it made me sob my eyes out. Powerful stuff.

  3. I work at Macmillans; one day we came in to work and found a copy on each of our desks. I’d already bought a copy by then but just goes to con­firm what WR says.

    Now that Blogger is allow­ing com­ments, just wanted to write that I did enjoy the Lovely Bones and found the first half com­pel­ling and mov­ing, as well as ori­gin­al (to me). However, I did not enjoy the second half very much and felt the book had kind of run out of steam. Overall I am glad I read it, it was har­row­ing but I did man­age to gath­er some strength from it. And it is always nice to read a book by someone who can write so well. It does stand out in my mind as an excep­tion­al book; I just felt slightly let down that after such a fant­ast­ic start, the book seemed to turn into a set for­mula.
    I also went out and bought Lucky as a res­ult of read­ing LB, but have not read it yet.
    I read at the time that Sebold wrote Lucky first, but her pub­lish­er or someone advised her not to pub­lish it first as then she would always be asso­ci­ated in everyone’s minds with the awful events of that story. So she wrote LB and pub­lished that, then pub­lished Lucky later. I don’t know if that is true, but it makes sense to me.
    Thanks for the post, Ian.

  4. Thanks for your com­ments, Maxine. I have to agree that I thought some of her story decisions in the second half stretched belief some­what. I’m think­ing, in par­tic­u­lar, of the ‘epis­ode’ involving Ruth and Susie’s first love, R___ (can’t remem­ber his name). At the same time, I was impressed that Sebold still man­aged to make it work des­pite these flaws.

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