Flashback: It’s Alive!

Copyright The Blue MeaniesWell, I don’t expect to kick a ball around with it, teach it about the birds and the bees, or wipe its nose when it gets the sniffles. But I am now the proud writer of the first draft of a tech­no­thrill­er called Flashback. It clocks in (sorry; time travel gag) at 467 pages, and, just to show how hyowg it is, I’ve included an Avro-Lancastrian air­craft for a sense of scale. My watch is anoth­er time travel gag.

I was going to wait for an elec­tric­al storm over my castle in Ingolstadt, but then I thought, Pff.

The manu­script is chunky at the moment, but once I’ve put it through the sauna of the Hocking Editing Process (verb: to hep), that suck­er will lose a quarter of its weight.

So, I give you — holds up the manu­script for the bene­dic­tion of the last ray of sun, a la Simba in the Lion King — Flashback.

I’m reminded, of course, of Papa: “The first draft of any­thing is shit.” Wish me luck. I’m going in.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

11 thoughts on “Flashback: It’s Alive!”

  1. Congratulations! You’ve got to the end — and the begin­ning! Happy hep’ing. 8^)


  2. Congratulations, Ian.
    And, break­ing news, I ordered Deja Vu from Amazon today so will be “limp­ing” its way to my house in 2–3 weeks appar­ently. Looking for­ward to it!
    All best

  3. Congratulations Ian! A great feel­ing. That’s a big bug­ger, by the way. Massive respect.

  4. Thanks, Roger. It’s a big bug­ger alright. Of course, it’ll be half the length once I cut out the adverbs… 🙂

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