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  1. What a relief to read your views, after the level of invect­ive, remin­is­cent of school­yard bul­ly­ing, in some of the com­ments else­where.

    I’m also not con­vinced by the ‘tough love’ argu­ment. Doesn’t it imply that tal­ent and per­sist­ence are identic­al? I always recall John Kennedy Toole when I hear it.

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, I think you’re right — there can be a bit of bul­ly­ing involved. Whether or not there is in this case, I don’t know, but it doesn’t hurt to be pos­it­ive occa­sion­ally!

  3. Lee is a blog­ger with a wide audi­ence where­as Steve is try­ing to sell his work so this has the sub­text of Bambi vs. Godzilla.

  4. These are good com­ments on a good post, I think. Steve, good to hear your explan­a­tion of the email you sent round — I thought it was prob­ably some­thing like that. I think Lee just reacted too quickly, you know, how people do to emails some­times. Pity he pos­ted his reac­tion quite so pub­licly, as you say, Ian. And I think David’s com­ment is per­tin­ent.

    Ian, I agree with you that in my travels through the won­der­ful uni­verse of blog­gers, I have encountered so much warmth and encour­age­ment, of authors to each oth­er and of non-authors to authors. I am sure that on the whole, des­pite excep­tions like the Lee/Steve “affair”, blog­ging and blog­gers are a great source of psy­cho­lo­gic­al sup­port to authors who oth­er­wise would be strug­gling in their gar­rets with nobody to know of their exist­ence.

    I am not an author, but I know how much the exper­i­ence of blog­ging has provided psy­sco­lo­gic­al sup­port to me, and has done more for my lifelong curse of depres­sion than any­thing else. I could ana­lyse that for ages but will spare you!

  5. Thanks for your com­ments, David and Maxine. It’s cer­tainly easy to get depressed as a writer (the odds of get­ting pub­lished aren’t great), but I guess it’s par for the course. I like the idea of blog­ger camarader­ie, though. Lighting a candle, and all that.

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