5 thoughts on “Out with the Old…”

  1. Hello Ian, as you know I have been out of action myself for a few days redoing my blog Petrona. As unfortunately for me, blogging is a strictly part time activity, I’ve fallen behind with my rss reading and have only just found your new design. I really like it, I think it is better than the old blue one. I prefer the open, whiter look, and I think the typeface is more elegant than the one in the blue blog.
    I also like the three columns and the little features you’ve added — love those cute little pics you add in to the posts and sidebars.

    Incidentally, on the homepage there is a big white space in the middle of your second posting, yo have to scroll down a bit to see the rest (does not show up in the rss reader, only on the blog itself). This could be my browser, but worth checking.

    all best, and well done — I know only too well how time-consuming and compulsive this blog redesign stuff can get! I hope not to move Petrona again for ever.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Maxine. I prefer this new layout too. It needs some tweaks – and does seem to have one or two quirks! I guess if I can’t work them out I’ll just have to lump it…or switch to a new design 🙂

  3. Quite nice.

    Hi, been reading you for awhile, finally de-lurked to comment on layout, of all things. 🙂

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