Out with the Old…

Et voila. New site tem­plate is up and run­ning. Took me all Sunday night to do this, so long that I could watch the com­plete ‘One-Hit Wonders’ show on Channel Four. *shud­der* Doubtless there are some glitches with the new tem­plate, but I hope to iron them out over the next few days. Any com­ments?

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

5 thoughts on “Out with the Old…”

  1. Hello Ian, as you know I have been out of action myself for a few days redo­ing my blog Petrona. As unfor­tu­nately for me, blog­ging is a strictly part time activ­ity, I’ve fallen behind with my rss read­ing and have only just found your new design. I really like it, I think it is bet­ter than the old blue one. I prefer the open, whiter look, and I think the typeface is more eleg­ant than the one in the blue blog.
    I also like the three columns and the little fea­tures you’ve added — love those cute little pics you add in to the posts and side­bars.

    Incidentally, on the homepage there is a big white space in the middle of your second post­ing, yo have to scroll down a bit to see the rest (does not show up in the rss read­er, only on the blog itself). This could be my browser, but worth check­ing.

    all best, and well done — I know only too well how time-con­sum­ing and com­puls­ive this blog redesign stuff can get! I hope not to move Petrona again for ever.

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Maxine. I prefer this new lay­out too. It needs some tweaks — and does seem to have one or two quirks! I guess if I can’t work them out I’ll just have to lump it…or switch to a new design 🙂

  3. Quite nice.

    Hi, been read­ing you for awhile, finally de-lurked to com­ment on lay­out, of all things. 🙂

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