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Despite the best efforts of the Blogger API (the method I normally use to post to this blog), I’ve succeeded in uploading the latest audio instalment of my novel, Déjà Vu. In case you haven’t been following – shame on, etc. – I have been podcasting Déjà Vu since November 2005. You can read more about my reasons behind providing this free version of the book here.

I’ve now reached Chapter 23, and I’m fairly happy with how the thing has proceeded. Current records indicate that I have 77 subscribed listeners, which is not a huge number, but enough to make it worthwhile. At the end of the process – which should be in about three weeks, maybe four – I’ll archive the book somewhere and stick it together as a single file. The format used by iTunes allows creators to specify chapters, so the overall file shouldn’t be too unwieldy.

Will I continue podcasting after that? Well, I don’t have much to podcast. I have two novels ‘in the can’ (Proper Job and Flashback) but neither is quite finished. But, because Flashback (while not a sequel) features a character from Déjà Vu, I might tag the first chapter of Flashback on to the end of the Déjà Vu podcast.

Anyway, it’s an idea. Meanwhile, if you have a few hours to kill, check it out.

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