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Despite the best efforts of the Blogger API (the meth­od I nor­mally use to post to this blog), I’ve suc­ceeded in upload­ing the latest audio instal­ment of my nov­el, Déjà Vu. In case you haven’t been fol­low­ing — shame on, etc. — I have been pod­cast­ing Déjà Vu since November 2005. You can read more about my reas­ons behind provid­ing this free ver­sion of the book here.

I’ve now reached Chapter 23, and I’m fairly happy with how the thing has pro­ceeded. Current records indic­ate that I have 77 sub­scribed listen­ers, which is not a huge num­ber, but enough to make it worth­while. At the end of the pro­cess — which should be in about three weeks, maybe four — I’ll archive the book some­where and stick it togeth­er as a single file. The format used by iTunes allows cre­at­ors to spe­cify chapters, so the over­all file shouldn’t be too unwieldy.

Will I con­tin­ue pod­cast­ing after that? Well, I don’t have much to pod­cast. I have two nov­els ‘in the can’ (Proper Job and Flashback) but neither is quite fin­ished. But, because Flashback (while not a sequel) fea­tures a char­ac­ter from Déjà Vu, I might tag the first chapter of Flashback on to the end of the Déjà Vu pod­cast.

Anyway, it’s an idea. Meanwhile, if you have a few hours to kill, check it out.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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