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Alright, I admit it. Yesterday, I slept with my Apple iBook.

Cybersex? Not quite. I was watching a DVD and I dozed off. But I do, it is true, have unnatural thoughts about my iBook. Why unnatural? Because, for the past decade, I’ve been using a Windows PC, and my natural behaviour towards a computer involves sighing, slapping the monitor upside the head, and rebooting to establish even tiny changes I make to the computer’s configuration.

Now that’s in the past. Last July, I purchased an Apple iBook G4. It is simply a fantastic machine. Friends raise their eyebrows when they see it. Microsoft Office works fine, and though I’ve heard that Macs have fewer applications than Windows PCs, I’ve never failed to locate an application that did precisely what I was looking for: Standalone blogging software, newsreader, etc.

I won’t say the iBook is perfect. In the process of installing bucketloads of software over the past months, I have succeeded in making some applications crash, but it was easy to zap them. Once (I think), I even made the whole computer hang – but I was running about a dozen applications. I’m the kind of user who pushes his computer to the edge of the performance envelope. It remains true that the iBook is one of the best computers I’ve used (and I did work in the IT sector for eighteenth months, so I know a little of what I’m talking about; no, I wasn’t fired!).

The guys – and gals, I hope – at Apple have come up with new campaign called ‘Get A Mac’. It features a few reason why you might want to get a Mac if you’re a PC user:

  • (1) No viruses (more or less);
  • (2) Head-turning design;
  • (3) Microsoft Office works fine (this is true; I use it seven days a week, no compatibility problems);
  • (4) A superb user interface and operating system.

Check out these great videos. I know they’re propagandist, but behind the spin is the best home computer in the world.

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Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

5 thoughts on “Get A Mac”

  1. Hi Ian, how’s it going? I use a mac at work and a pc at home. There’s no doubt macs look much cooler and are artefacts worthy of worship. But I do find microsoft word is a little easier/better on the PC. Sacrelige, I know, and a boring reason for preferring anything.

    By the way, the publisher took a quote from your review of TC and whacked it onto my amazon page! No dotted elipses either. (‘Roger Morris … has written…. something… ‘) Thank you for that. Did you ever get that fruit basket?

  2. Nice to see the review snippet – though I’m sure I said more positive stuff than that.

    Gulp, just realised I’m ‘taking comfort’ from my iBook. I’ll be stealing lapel pins off the bodies of old men next.

    No, I have not yet taken comfort from a delightful array of fresh fruits…

  3. I feel like a lapsed Catholic who has come back to the faith. I began using Macs way back in the early 90s, and sang their praises against the dullards who complained that they were too expensive, there wasn’t enough software, blah-di-blah. Then I drifted away, mainly because I was working in Windows places.

    But last summer, I had to get a new laptop. And, like Dr Ian, I got an iBook G4.

    And yea, there were angels sounding trumpets and the smell of incense and it all just felt RIGHT. Bill Gates, I laugh at your funny spectacles. I love the holy trinity, the Jobs, the Woz and the Ive.

  4. And The Man Upstairs said, ‘Let there be Macs.’ And he saw that it was good.

    Amen, brother.

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