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  1. Hi Ian, how’s it going? I use a mac at work and a pc at home. There’s no doubt macs look much cooler and are artefacts worthy of worship. But I do find microsoft word is a little easier/better on the PC. Sacrelige, I know, and a boring reason for preferring anything.

    By the way, the publisher took a quote from your review of TC and whacked it onto my amazon page! No dotted elipses either. (‘Roger Morris … has written…. something… ‘) Thank you for that. Did you ever get that fruit basket?

  2. Nice to see the review snippet – though I’m sure I said more positive stuff than that.

    Gulp, just realised I’m ‘taking comfort’ from my iBook. I’ll be stealing lapel pins off the bodies of old men next.

    No, I have not yet taken comfort from a delightful array of fresh fruits…

  3. I feel like a lapsed Catholic who has come back to the faith. I began using Macs way back in the early 90s, and sang their praises against the dullards who complained that they were too expensive, there wasn’t enough software, blah-di-blah. Then I drifted away, mainly because I was working in Windows places.

    But last summer, I had to get a new laptop. And, like Dr Ian, I got an iBook G4.

    And yea, there were angels sounding trumpets and the smell of incense and it all just felt RIGHT. Bill Gates, I laugh at your funny spectacles. I love the holy trinity, the Jobs, the Woz and the Ive.

  4. And The Man Upstairs said, ‘Let there be Macs.’ And he saw that it was good.

    Amen, brother.

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