6 thoughts on “What is this thing called Psychology?”

  1. I know what you mean. I actu­ally have a degree in it — PPP (Psychology and Physiology). I got so fed up with try­ing to explain what it all was so I decided to say “Physiology” when people asked me what my degree top­ic was. Just because it is easi­er to explain in a short way — bod­ies not minds!

    Saying you are a sci­ent­ist or have any­thing to do with sci­ence is quite a con­ver­sa­tion stop­per (every­one changes the sub­ject) out­side the sci­entif­ic com­munity, I have found.

  2. Psychology owes a debt to philo­sophy it can nev­er repay.”

    Amen, broth­er!

  3. Maxine, you’re right. People usu­ally ask me to read their minds…with dis­astrous res­ults, depend­ing on how many beers I’ve had.

  4. I face the prob­lem every­day when people ask me what I have studird and I say Psychology.Their next ques­tion always depends on the reas­on or the time that they approached me.
    Person who wants to date me:“Well you must be very dan­ger­ous woman!You will know what I think about all the time!“
    Person that doesn’t have a clue: “So can you tell me what will hap­pen in the future?“
    I think that even my moth­er doesn’t really know what exactly she paid for- cause she’s the one that paid for my col­lege!

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