7 thoughts on “An Englishman Abroad”

  1. Okay, I’m con­fused. These pic­tures of you look *noth­ing* like the pic­ture of you on your blog! How am I to ima­gine you…you know, when I ima­gine you?

  2. Welcome back, Ian. It was good to read your post, and love the pic­tures!

    I recall once that I went out with an English guy who lived in Heidelberg. It las­ted about 18 months, largely because we hardly ever saw each oth­er (I was an impov­er­ished PhD stu­dent at the time and could not afford to even live, let alone travel.)

    But on the few occa­sions I did get to that lovely city where he lived, I was regarded as very sweet. This was purely because I did (and do) not speak German, oth­er than the odd phrase such as “you have lovely blue eyes”. I was silent, so every­one there thought I was very, well, sweet is the only word I can think of to describe it, as I smiled a lot.

    I am sure there was a life-les­son here that I failed to learn, in ret­ro­spect.

  3. PS to both of you (Ian and Debra) — I curse and love you, Ian, for put­ting me onto that damn “daily set”. So addict­ive!

  4. Ah, good to hear it! It’s won­der­fully addict­ive. As of last week there’s now a weekly com­pet­i­tion between my read­ers and those of crosswordbebop.blogspot.com. This week looks like we’re going to pull it off. Feel free to add your times!

  5. Maxine, yes, I expect I’m seen as harm­less too. Just get me a beer and prop me up, that’ll do me…

    I haven’t been back to the daily set for a while — I give up too eas­ily! Perhaps I should stick to sudoku…

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