7 thoughts on “An Englishman Abroad”

  1. Okay, I’m confused. These pictures of you look *nothing* like the picture of you on your blog! How am I to imagine you…you know, when I imagine you?

  2. Welcome back, Ian. It was good to read your post, and love the pictures!

    I recall once that I went out with an English guy who lived in Heidelberg. It lasted about 18 months, largely because we hardly ever saw each other (I was an impoverished PhD student at the time and could not afford to even live, let alone travel.)

    But on the few occasions I did get to that lovely city where he lived, I was regarded as very sweet. This was purely because I did (and do) not speak German, other than the odd phrase such as “you have lovely blue eyes”. I was silent, so everyone there thought I was very, well, sweet is the only word I can think of to describe it, as I smiled a lot.

    I am sure there was a life-lesson here that I failed to learn, in retrospect.

  3. PS to both of you (Ian and Debra) — I curse and love you, Ian, for putting me onto that damn “daily set”. So addictive!

  4. Ah, good to hear it! It’s wonderfully addictive. As of last week there’s now a weekly competition between my readers and those of crosswordbebop.blogspot.com. This week looks like we’re going to pull it off. Feel free to add your times!

  5. Maxine, yes, I expect I’m seen as harmless too. Just get me a beer and prop me up, that’ll do me…

    I haven’t been back to the daily set for a while – I give up too easily! Perhaps I should stick to sudoku…

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