2 thoughts on “Speaking up for Poetry”

  1. I too read poems far too quickly, and agree with you that a great way to exper­i­ence them is in the audio mode to savour the mean­ing and magic.
    I am abso­lutely not a pod­cast per­son, but an increas­ing major­ity of my fel­low-com­muters cer­tainly are. I agree with you about the desirab­il­ity of get­ting more poetry onto itunes, who knows who will stumble across it who had not pre­vi­ously heard much?
    I once had an old-style LP of Richard Burton read­ing Dylan Thomas’s poems, that was def­in­itely magic. (I’ve also heard the record­ing of Under Milk Wood to which you refer, if you mean the one with Liz Taylor in it, but I loved the poems one more.)

  2. The Under Milk Wood ver­sion I’ve got is nar­rated by Richard Burton, but doesn’t have Elizabeth Taylor, as far as I can tell!

    Whatever gets a bit more poetry out there to the masses gets my vote…

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