5 thoughts on “AmazonConnect: Connecting Readers with Writers”

  1. I went over to Amazon US and read your plog, but I’ll have to read your book before being able to post a com­ment there.
    Isn’t it a pity that Amazon UK doesn’t do these kinds of things too — do you think blog­ging and oth­er types of inter­net use just have not caught on enough in the UK for it to be worth Amazon’s while?
    I think their UK site is bet­ter than their US site in still being books-focused and hence, to me, more use­ful. (As the UK site is focused on selling the things I want to buy like books, music and DVDs mainly, and does not have the myri­ad dis­trac­tions of the US site).
    But the US site beats the UK site hands down in terms of func­tion­al­ity.

    I think that Amazon could devel­op a hybrid product, some­thing inbetween the “plogs”, people’s col­lec­tions and cus­tom­er reviews — some­thing along the lines of a small cluster of books/readers, blog­ging about that par­tic­u­lar spe­ci­al­ity of book. A sort of online book club for a spe­cial­ist group of books.

    Focusing a “plog” on just one book is prob­ably too spe­cial­ised in terms of audi­ence reach, but a small spe­cial­ist group, in which authors and read­ers plog about books in that spe­ci­al­ity, could well be some­where where read­ers go to get really focused and “hot” inform­a­tion about new books, minus mar­ket­ing hype? (I just thought of this as I write this com­ment so prob­ably there are lots of flaws in it. But it sounds good to me at the moment!)

  2. I’d cer­tainly like to see a bit more integ­ra­tion between the Amazon divi­sions — it would help identi­fy dis­crep­an­cies in their metadata, for one thing, and might get ‘em to sort out the ‘Spanish’ error on the US site.

    Amazon UK is likely to pick up on the plog thing, I reck­on, because it’s free con­tent for them, and free inter­activ­ity.

  3. From this reader’s per­spect­ive, the amazon.com plog is a lame mar­ket­ing gim­mick, yet anoth­er unwel­come blip in the brows­ing exper­i­ence.

    I was sur­prised to find this thing that amazon.com told me was “my” plog dis­played when I logged in to the site the oth­er day. I was par­tic­u­larly annoyed to see that most of it con­sisted of post­ings by an author whom I did not recog­nize, but sup­posedly I had once bought a book he wrote on amazon. Or maybe I once looked at a book he wrote. Or some­thing.

    I did not waste any time read­ing his many posts, just clicked away from the “plog.” I have no idea how to sum­mon the “plog” after I sign on, should I ever want to see it. It has popped up one more time since then, this time with yet anoth­er author I don’t remem­ber ever hear­ing of, and whose plog entries I have no interest in read­ing. Click.

  4. Thanks for point­ing out they nicked the name from me, cheeky blight­ers! Ah, well. As my book isn’t avail­able on dot com (yet?) there’s not much I can do with this. Just as well, oth­er­wise it would be anoth­er thing for me to stress over!

  5. My pub­li­city warn­ing liight is flash­ing: ‘Plucky Brit Sues Amazon’ 🙂

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