Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy St Piran's Day

(c) FreeFoto.comAs a Cornish author, it is my duty to uphold certain customs. For example, I shake my head sadly at bakeries that sell bizarre meat contraptions that are simply not Cornish pasties (though look what I found in a Berlin side street). I also use the word 'minute' to mean any period of time between sixty seconds and the coming of the next Ice Age. Today, I must disseminate the wonderful news that it is St Piran's Day.

Who? Oh, please. Everybody knows that...[checks Wikipedia]...yeah, that he's the patron saint of Cornwall, though Saints Michael and Petroc also lay claim to this title, somewhat obviously. Anywho, you might have seen the flag of St Piran - white cross on a black background - round and about. Check out these photos of Cornish people celebrating in style.

Yes, they are wearing kilts. No, I don't have one - by order of a local magistrate.

St Piran was Irish, by the way. Go figure.

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