A Brief Overview of Ebooks and their Readers

Over on the BBCi web­site, you can find a video about the his­tory and future of the Ebook read­er, a mooted device that may — or may not — revo­lu­tion­ize lit­er­at­ure. An Ebook read­er is an elec­tron­ic device ded­ic­ated to the dis­play and stor­age of books. This tech­no­logy has been her­al­ded as ‘next gen­er­a­tion’, and prob­ably forever will be. As a per­son who tends to embrace tech­no­logy, I think the design­ers of the ebook have missed some­thing fun­da­ment­al: our cur­rent tech­no­logy for the deliv­ery of lit­er­at­ure — the book — is already a piece of tech­no­logy that fits its design niche with stag­ger­ing per­fec­tion. Still, best of luck to Sony — not. Virus via a book, any­one?

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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