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  1. Hmm so now the artistic ppl of the world have the cutting edge on angst, depression and so forth…I would challenge some of your statements irrespective of stats and research. Depression permeates all strata’s of society and one must be careful not to focus on a particular group and pump up the volume on their alleged suffering. It could serve to reinforce to some their artistic abilities are chained to a predisposition to depression…

  2. I agree, depression does permeate all strata of society. However, my article is based on a piece of research that suggests depression levels are elevated in those attempt to make a living in the arts.

  3. Ian — Your comment about the locus of control reminds me of something that I don’t remember ever referring to on my blog (Grumpy Old Bookman) namely the fact that I voluntarily gave up using a leading agent. For many years I was represented both in the USA and UK by top names in the agenting business. In 1999, however, I decided (to cut a long story short) that I was not happy about the loss of control that this involved. Hence I gave up using an agent. This was much to the dismay of the UK agent, who had invested a lot of time and energy, over several years, in trying to market my stuff, without major success. However, immediately the decision was made, I felt much better, psychologically. I have never regretted it. I now publish all my own stuff, which means that I make almost zero money and have fewer readers than if I was published by a major company. But at least the stuff gets out there, when I want it to, in the form I want it to. Control, in other words, rests entirely with me. I recommend it.

  4. Hello,
    I am passing on (via Dave Lull) a couple of interesting (to me) articles about introvertism. Parts of these articles (though not all) seem to resonate with depression and creativity (including writing).
    (The second of these urls is to the original article.)
    Hope you enjoy them.
    I just discovered your blog via Michael Allen’s, and have put Deja Vu on my (extremely extensive) reading list.

    All best
    Maxine (aka Petrona at http://petrona-maxine.blogspot.com/)

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