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  1. Hmm so now the artist­ic ppl of the world have the cut­ting edge on angst, depres­sion and so forth…I would chal­lenge some of your state­ments irre­spect­ive of stats and research. Depression per­meates all strata’s of soci­ety and one must be care­ful not to focus on a par­tic­u­lar group and pump up the volume on their alleged suf­fer­ing. It could serve to rein­force to some their artist­ic abil­it­ies are chained to a pre­dis­pos­i­tion to depres­sion…

  2. I agree, depres­sion does per­meate all strata of soci­ety. However, my art­icle is based on a piece of research that sug­gests depres­sion levels are elev­ated in those attempt to make a liv­ing in the arts.

  3. Ian — Your com­ment about the locus of con­trol reminds me of some­thing that I don’t remem­ber ever refer­ring to on my blog (Grumpy Old Bookman) namely the fact that I vol­un­tar­ily gave up using a lead­ing agent. For many years I was rep­res­en­ted both in the USA and UK by top names in the agen­t­ing busi­ness. In 1999, how­ever, I decided (to cut a long story short) that I was not happy about the loss of con­trol that this involved. Hence I gave up using an agent. This was much to the dis­may of the UK agent, who had inves­ted a lot of time and energy, over sev­er­al years, in try­ing to mar­ket my stuff, without major suc­cess. However, imme­di­ately the decision was made, I felt much bet­ter, psy­cho­lo­gic­ally. I have nev­er regret­ted it. I now pub­lish all my own stuff, which means that I make almost zero money and have few­er read­ers than if I was pub­lished by a major com­pany. But at least the stuff gets out there, when I want it to, in the form I want it to. Control, in oth­er words, rests entirely with me. I recom­mend it.

  4. Hello,
    I am passing on (via Dave Lull) a couple of inter­est­ing (to me) art­icles about intro­vertism. Parts of these art­icles (though not all) seem to res­on­ate with depres­sion and cre­ativ­ity (includ­ing writ­ing).
    (The second of these urls is to the ori­gin­al art­icle.)
    Hope you enjoy them.
    I just dis­covered your blog via Michael Allen’s, and have put Deja Vu on my (extremely extens­ive) read­ing list.

    All best
    Maxine (aka Petrona at http://petrona-maxine.blogspot.com/)

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