New episode of Déjà Vu uploaded

A quick post to say that the latest epis­ode of Déjà Vu has been uploaded. The two prot­ag­on­ists have now reached America, where they hope to find the answers to an explo­sion that occurred in 2002, twenty years before, and the true iden­tity of the brain­washed Saskia Brandt. Confused? Play catch-up.

I’ve added, by request, a form to the side­bar that will allow you sub­scribe to this blog by email. I know. You can barely con­tain your indif­fer­ence. Ooh, ooh, and I’ve put a drop shad­ow ‘neath the graph­ic of Déjà Vu. Don’t say I don’t love my blog read­ers.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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