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    **Cuba, I Remember You is a book about fam­ily, love, rela­tion­ships, and sur­viv­al in dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances that all read­ers will find to be a won­der­ful read­ing exper­i­ence.

    Bettie Corbin Tucker
    For IP Book Reviewers
    Independent Professional Reviewers

    See more about the book at:

    A col­lec­tion of 14 short stor­ies, all in Spanish and English, based on the author’s exper­i­ences of child­hood before and after the Communist revolu­tion. Includes Appendix for edu­cat­ors wish­ing to use the book in Spanish or English for­eign lan­guage classes. Lots of nos­tal­gia for those who knew Cuba in the 50’s and 60’s and plenty of humor for read­ers in gen­er­al. Includes also many peri­od fam­ily pho­to­graphs that illus­trate the stor­ies and bring them vividly to life!

    About the Author
    Dr. Oscar M. Ramírez-Orbea, was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1955. He emig­rated with his fam­ily to the US in 1966, after com­plet­ing ele­ment­ary school in his home coun­try. He longs one day to return to his nat­ive city of Camagüey and to all the fond memor­ies it holds for him. CUBA, I REMEMBER YOU/CUBA, TE RECUERDO is Dr. Ramírez’s first nar­rat­ive work.

    Available now from Airleaf Publishing (www.airleaf.com) or call today to order your copy at 1–800-342‑6068.

    § Product Details
    § Paperback: 392 pages
    § Publisher: Airleaf Publishing; 1st edi­tion (January 10, 2006)
    § Language: English, Spanish
    § ISBN: 1594539553

    New work by the same author, pub­lished and in book­stores by winter of 2007:

    Cuba, Between History and Legend
    A col­lec­tion of short stor­ies based on Cuban legends and unusu­al his­tor­ies, all told in thor­oughly ori­gin­al and cre­at­ive ways. All stor­ies are nar­rated in English and Spanish on facing pages. Includes also sub­stan­tial back­ground inform­a­tion on the actu­al events on which the stor­ies are based, as well as ref­er­ences for fol­low-up read­ing, and his­tor­ic­al illus­tra­tions for all the stor­ies. For brief descrip­tions of the stor­ies, go to http://www.cubairememberyou.zoomshare.com On the mar­ket by year’s end. Cuba … like you’ve nev­er read it before!

    Por el mismo autor:

    Cuba, Entre la Historia y la Leyenda
    Una colección de cuen­tos cor­tos bas­a­d­os en ley­en­das cubanas y en even­t­os insól­i­tos de la his­tor­ia de Cuba, todos nar­ra­dos en un estilo ori­gin­alísimo y de gran fantasía. Se nar­ran todos los cuen­tos en inglés y en español, en pági­nas opues­tas. Incluye con­sid­er­able inform­a­ción adi­cion­al sobre el fondo histórico de cada cuento, al igual que sug­er­en­cias para otras lec­tur­as sobre la misma temát­ica, y se incluy­en ilus­tra­ciones históricas de cada uno de los cuen­tos. Para leer breves descrip­ciones de cada cuento, favor de dir­girse a http://www.cubairememberyou.zoomshare.com En venta hacia finales del año. Cuba ¡como nunca te la ima­ginas­te!

  2. Hey Ian,

    What’s your thought on dis­cuss­ing the plot etc of your unfin­ished nov­el in a set­ting like this? I see you didn’t men­tion much about it here.

    I’m work­ing on some­thing of a thrill­er nov­el also, sort of a Boys from Brazil meets Kane and Abel, but am uncer­tain if I should dis­cuss much before it’s actu­ally pub­lished (if ever, of course). Hm.

  3. I’ve writ­ten four thrillers. Only one of these I would con­sider as rub­bish. (although not bey­ond sav­ing.) The oth­ers I know, are mar­ket­able with the right guid­ance.

    Unfortunately I don’t know any­one in the publishing/agency busi­ness. I have no drama exper­i­ence or advert­ising agency exper­i­ence; no con­tacts in the crim­in­al journ­al­ists’ world and no degree. All I have are 25 years Police Service, 10 years Royal Naval ser­vice and 45 years actu­ally writ­ing.

    No one is inter­ested because, in the words of one agent. ‘I like your work, but I have to think in terms of your future earn­ing poten­tial.’ A euphem­ism for ‘You’re an old man, in a young per­sons’ game.’

    Am I bit­ter? No. Am I giv­ing up?
    You bet your life I’m not.

    See you on the shelves in Waterstones!

    Best of luck. Don’t waste your youth and tal­ent because those are the two greatest, non-crim­in­al evils.


  4. Hi John

    Thanks for your com­ment. It’s put a real smile on my face. I agree — bug­ger ‘em.

    It sounds as though you’ve got an inter­est­ing couple of nov­els there, and one poten­tial route would be via a small pub­lish­er will­ing to take a risk. Then you can get some reviews and come back to the lar­ger pub­lish­ers. There’s also the self-pub­lish­ing option. Lulu.com is pretty good, and it’ll get you a phys­ic­al copy of your book without too much expens­ive, plus an ISBN so the thing will show up on Amazon.

    Best of luck — see you on the shelves!


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