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    **Cuba, I Remember You is a book about family, love, relationships, and survival in difficult circumstances that all readers will find to be a wonderful reading experience.

    Bettie Corbin Tucker
    For IP Book Reviewers
    Independent Professional Reviewers

    See more about the book at:

    A collection of 14 short stories, all in Spanish and English, based on the author’s experiences of childhood before and after the Communist revolution. Includes Appendix for educators wishing to use the book in Spanish or English foreign language classes. Lots of nostalgia for those who knew Cuba in the 50’s and 60’s and plenty of humor for readers in general. Includes also many period family photographs that illustrate the stories and bring them vividly to life!

    About the Author
    Dr. Oscar M. Ramírez-Orbea, was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1955. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1966, after completing elementary school in his home country. He longs one day to return to his native city of Camagüey and to all the fond memories it holds for him. CUBA, I REMEMBER YOU/CUBA, TE RECUERDO is Dr. Ramírez’s first narrative work.

    Available now from Airleaf Publishing (www.airleaf.com) or call today to order your copy at 1-800-342–6068.

    § Product Details
    § Paperback: 392 pages
    § Publisher: Airleaf Publishing; 1st edition (January 10, 2006)
    § Language: English, Spanish
    § ISBN: 1594539553

    New work by the same author, published and in bookstores by winter of 2007:

    Cuba, Between History and Legend
    A collection of short stories based on Cuban legends and unusual histories, all told in thoroughly original and creative ways. All stories are narrated in English and Spanish on facing pages. Includes also substantial background information on the actual events on which the stories are based, as well as references for follow-up reading, and historical illustrations for all the stories. For brief descriptions of the stories, go to http://www.cubairememberyou.zoomshare.com On the market by year’s end. Cuba … like you’ve never read it before!

    Por el mismo autor:

    Cuba, Entre la Historia y la Leyenda
    Una colección de cuentos cortos basados en leyendas cubanas y en eventos insólitos de la historia de Cuba, todos narrados en un estilo originalísimo y de gran fantasía. Se narran todos los cuentos en inglés y en español, en páginas opuestas. Incluye considerable información adicional sobre el fondo histórico de cada cuento, al igual que sugerencias para otras lecturas sobre la misma temática, y se incluyen ilustraciones históricas de cada uno de los cuentos. Para leer breves descripciones de cada cuento, favor de dirgirse a http://www.cubairememberyou.zoomshare.com En venta hacia finales del año. Cuba ¡como nunca te la imaginaste!

  2. Hey Ian,

    What’s your thought on discussing the plot etc of your unfinished novel in a setting like this? I see you didn’t mention much about it here.

    I’m working on something of a thriller novel also, sort of a Boys from Brazil meets Kane and Abel, but am uncertain if I should discuss much before it’s actually published (if ever, of course). Hm.

  3. I’ve written four thrillers. Only one of these I would consider as rubbish. (although not beyond saving.) The others I know, are marketable with the right guidance.

    Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in the publishing/agency business. I have no drama experience or advertising agency experience; no contacts in the criminal journalists’ world and no degree. All I have are 25 years Police Service, 10 years Royal Naval service and 45 years actually writing.

    No one is interested because, in the words of one agent. ‘I like your work, but I have to think in terms of your future earning potential.’ A euphemism for ‘You’re an old man, in a young persons’ game.’

    Am I bitter? No. Am I giving up?
    You bet your life I’m not.

    See you on the shelves in Waterstones!

    Best of luck. Don’t waste your youth and talent because those are the two greatest, non-criminal evils.


  4. Hi John

    Thanks for your comment. It’s put a real smile on my face. I agree – bugger ’em.

    It sounds as though you’ve got an interesting couple of novels there, and one potential route would be via a small publisher willing to take a risk. Then you can get some reviews and come back to the larger publishers. There’s also the self-publishing option. Lulu.com is pretty good, and it’ll get you a physical copy of your book without too much expensive, plus an ISBN so the thing will show up on Amazon.

    Best of luck – see you on the shelves!


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