3 thoughts on “Miscellanea”

  1. Great fun! and crammed with splen­did detail and atmo­sphere.
    (I’ve got a gripe with ‘guf­faw’, that’s all — think the word should
    be out­lawed. It doesn’t work the way it’s meant to, imo. Otherwise, I think this is all SPOT ON.)

    sort of signed: That per­son who can’t stand ram­bling, or self con­scious ‘funny’, and finds your recent FLASHBACK excerpts rich with con­vin­cing detail, enga­ging and grip­ping.

  2. Thanks for the com­ment. You’ve got me inter­ested in your iden­tity — of course! So far, I’ve crossed ‘Ghandi’, ‘Beau Brummel’, ‘The Milky Bar Kid’ and ‘Franka Potente’ off my list of pos­sib­il­it­ies. Want to give me a clue?

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