2 thoughts on “The Truth is Out There”

  1. I noted below, after the ice cream, that I like this excerpt very much.
    Just a couple of very small things:
    ‘…over the mash of Spanish colo­ni­al designs.’ Do you mean ‘mesh’? I was a bit con­fused here.
    ’…grasses of the Pampas. He passed…’ I think ‘grasses of the Pampas’ reads very well, but sug­gest ‘passes’ should be replaced. Otherwise, I think the whole pas­sage is highly enga­ging and very finely writ­ten.

  2. Thanks for your com­ments. I agree on both points — I was prob­ably think­ing of ‘mish-mash’ in the first instance, but ‘mesh’ is an improve­ment. Wouldn’t want to have the read­er think­ing of mashed potato in the middle of the para…


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