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A fifty-year-old mys­tery is about to be solved.

September, 1947: Avro-Lancastrian ‘Star Dust’ reports a suc­cess­ful trans-Andean flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago, and sig­nals its inten­tion to land. Four minutes pri­or to touch­down, it sends the let­ter sequence ‘S-T-E-N-D-E-C’. Queried by puzzled ground con­trol­lers, the young ex-RAF oper­at­or aboard the Star Dust rap­idly keys ‘STENDEC, STENDEC’. Then silence. Star Dust van­ishes along with all pas­sen­gers and crew.

October, 2003: German Air flight A628 impacts ver­tic­ally with the Bavarian National Forest. The only clue to its fate is the co-pilot’s final trans­mis­sion, shouted against the roar of fail­ing engines: ‘Stendec.’

Within hours, air safety invest­ig­at­ors have been dis­patched to the crash site. Investigator-in-charge Hrafn Óskarson has more ques­tions than answers. Who erased the flight data record­ers? What is the true iden­tity of pas­sen­ger Saskia Dorfer, whose doc­u­ments have proved false? Who torched her Berlin apart­ment? And why did Saskia’s English friend Jem refuse to board the flight?

The mys­tery of German Air flight A628 will be solved by a start­ling con­spir­acy that reaches twenty years into our future — and fifty years into our past.

Based on real events, ‘Flashback’ centres on Saskia Brandt, a char­ac­ter from my first book, ‘Déjà Vu’, described by The Guardian as ‘show­ing quiet skill’ and by SFX as ‘a sol­id tech­no­thrill­er’. More reviews.

If you wish to be noti­fied when the book is released, send me an email at ian_hocking (at) uk2.net.

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Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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