5 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders”

  1. You were only joking about Ikea but you struck a note of truth:

    It’s not as much about the goods as it is the brand.

    What brand are you? What brand is your book?

    As for Grumpin’ McGrumpinstein, I think that’s the real job of every writer. I’m with ya there!

  2. Hi, Ian. Just thought I’d stop by.

    Hang on in there. It may be hard to see from your perspective, but you’re making progress. You’ve done well with Deja Vu, and can use it as a stepping stone (as you have been doing).

    Like carpentry, publishing is all about who you know. Other than keeping on writing, the only advice I can give is to get along to as many parties, conventions and launches as you can. I’ve seen how it operates from the inside, and yeah, it’s put me off enough to only attempt to get anywhere once I’ve a masterwork in the bag, which maybe isn’t so hot an idea. My writing’s certainly slumped a bit quantity-wise over the last year or so.

    In short, keep on ’em, lad. And the micey comment made me laugh

  3. ok buddy, hang in there. i’m glad you ended this post on a relatively good note. check out my friend mendy’s VERY FIRST entry (there are only a handful up now, so just scroll down) titled Start Where You Are at http://www.arkansasscribbler.com and see if that doesn’t inspire you to keep on keepin’ on. it’s a tough life, but as she says, she is one of the wealthiest people she knows (and she’s not talking about dough, here).
    good luck and keep with it. something will give eventually.

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and in particular your struggles getting in to book stores! I write because I love writing and because I love to make people laugh but don’t have the guts to get up on stage!
    Keep up the good work, hope you don’t mind if I put a link to your blog on mine!
    Helen Leggatt

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