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I’m pleased to report that my podcast has now passed the fifty-per-day mark. That means that the file is being requested more than fifty times per day. A slightly scary thought! I’ll be recording this Saturday’s episode later this morning.

Buy a Friend a Book

Do books make the perfect gift? Ahuh you betchya. Debra Hamel reports that buy a Friend a Book (BAFAB) week is nearly upon us, starting January 1st. You can see the BAFAB site for more information: or

Debra hopes that you will be motivated to do any number of things:

1. Celebrate BAFAB Week yourself by buying a book for a friend
2. Use the idea of BAFAB Week to somehow publicize your own book
3. Spread the word about BAFAB on your blogs and among friends

National New Writer’s Month

Roger Morris is getting serious for a moment over on his blog about National Read A New Author Month, which has been designated April. Sounds like a cracking idea to me!

Stay frosty and alert.

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  1. My problem is that there’s nothing special online anymore. I’m searching for something very interesting and cant find anything!

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