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I’m pleased to report that my pod­cast has now passed the fifty-per-day mark. That means that the file is being reques­ted more than fifty times per day. A slightly scary thought! I’ll be record­ing this Saturday’s epis­ode later this morn­ing.

Buy a Friend a Book

Do books make the per­fect gift? Ahuh you betchya. Debra Hamel reports that buy a Friend a Book (BAFAB) week is nearly upon us, start­ing January 1st. You can see the BAFAB site for more inform­a­tion: or

Debra hopes that you will be motiv­ated to do any num­ber of things:

1. Celebrate BAFAB Week your­self by buy­ing a book for a friend
2. Use the idea of BAFAB Week to some­how pub­li­cize your own book
3. Spread the word about BAFAB on your blogs and among friends

National New Writer’s Month

Roger Morris is get­ting ser­i­ous for a moment over on his blog about National Read A New Author Month, which has been des­ig­nated April. Sounds like a crack­ing idea to me!

Stay frosty and alert.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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  1. My prob­lem is that there’s noth­ing spe­cial online any­more. I’m search­ing for some­thing very inter­est­ing and cant find any­thing!

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