2 thoughts on “Progress report on the ol’ podcast, one month in”

  1. Ian, I’ve down­loaded with the intent to listen, but it was dur­ing the National Novel Writing Month con­test and so I didn’t have time for reading/listening to books, with the excep­tion of listen­ing in the car on my way to work. I’ve been work­ing my way through Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, and once that’s fin­ished I’ll fire Deja Vu up in the car.

    Been think­ing a lot lately how dif­fi­cult it is for the self-pub­lished (or any author) to get atten­tion. Books require such a time com­mittment and the bar­ri­er to entry is fairly high in terms of mind­share.

    One thought I’ve had is… have you tried seed­ing vari­ous down­load sites or peer-to-peer pro­grams? The prob­lem with peer-to-peer is that some­body actu­ally has to *look* for your name/book in order to down­load. Most people don’t just ran­domly down­load. So you could try to find places where that’s more the rule.

    I don’t know if there are any pod­cast ‘col­lec­tion’ sites or ‘the best of pod­casts’ but if you could find any­thing like that, it’s worth giv­ing it a go.

    Or at least, those are the things I’ve been think­ing about for when I even­tu­ally record the audio ver­sion of my nov­el.

    Just some thoughts…

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