2 thoughts on “Our Writers Mean Business’”

  1. i like your site — and your insights! i got five rejec­tions this week alone. that’s a record for me. but try and try again (i’m anon-fic­tion freel­an­cer). i found your site because our blogs have sim­il­ar titles…mine’s THE writ­ing life.
    i’ll be sure to check back on your page.

  2. Hi, Ian. Don’t let the bug­gers… you know the rest. Anyhow, I’m really impressed with the reviews you’ve man­aged to get for your pre­vi­ous nov­el. The Guardian, no less! Surely that cuts some ice with these agent types?

    By a strange coin­cid­ence, I know someone who has been pub­lished by UKA — Tom Saunders, whose short story col­lec­tion Brother, What Strange Place is This? is well worth read­ing.

    Small world, eh?

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