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Well, the podcasting experiment continues apace. According to my feedburner statistics, the podcast has received 117 hits (which is a bit meaningless, since any robot might have clicked through to the file), but the podcast itself has been downloaded 65 times. That last number is a little more trustworthy, and I think I can call the podcast a success so far – 65 potential listeners is pretty good. I will, of course, leave the episodes on my webserver almost permanently, so the overall number of downloads is likely to trickle on for a few months.

If you’re a writer trying to publicise a podcast, remember that a polite email to bloggers can’t go amiss. It also helps if you’ve made contact with these bloggers before in some capacity – but, generally speaking, if your own podcast relates to the area that your correspondent covers, there’s a good chance he/she will put in a mention for you (e.g. Forbidden Planet International, Grumpy Old Bookman). This’ll start the word-of-mouth ball rolling.

Oh, and the podcast is now available via iTunes.

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