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Tomfoolery is, of course, a whole level up from mere foolery, and for the past two days I have been heavily engaged in it. I speak of podcasting.

Basically, I now have a parallel blog, which is located here: This blog will host spoken chapters from Déjà Vu. It’s at an early stage at the moment, and only the geeks among you will be interested in the complex interaction between RSS standards (Atom, etc.) and things you must do to have iTunes display your podcast in its directory.

If any readers of this blog have time on their hands, I would appreciate some feedback on the new podcast blog. Is the text readable? Is it obvious what you have to do if you want to listen to the podcast, or – gulp – subscribe to it?

So, to summarize, you can now subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, copy this link into your favourite podcast download software, or even subscribe using a basic RSS feed reader and download each episode manually. And let me know how you get on!

You’ll notice that I’ve uploaded one entry already, which is mostly concerned with setting out what I’ll be doing. It’s not the most entertaining five minutes you’ll ever spend, but, in the beginning, I’ll be on a fairly steep broadcasting learning curve. I should have the first installment of Déjà Vu up by the end of the week. Why should you tune in? Well, my first post should address that.

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