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Eh? Subscribe? The clever-dicks among you will use an RSS reader to find out when your favourite websites and blogs are updated. This work through a process of syndication, whereby the website provides a stream of information that mirrors the content of the site but in a reduced form. If you subscribe to this stream, you can quickly find out if the website has been updated. Big deal, you might think, I can just go check the page. Well, you can, but with all your feeds together in one place, you can check tens of sites simultaneously.

Eric von Rothkirch, an American author currently writing a novel as part of the NaNoWriMo program, pointed out to me than the syndication feed for my blog appears to be missing. I’m not sure where it’s gone, but while I try to put it back, you can use this link to subscribe to my blog:

i use an excellent open-source program on my Mac called Vienna, and I would recommended it as an RSS reader to any Mac user. If you use a PC, check out these RSS readers. (And more Mac readers are available, of course.)

Happy subscribing!

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