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Eh? Subscribe? The clev­er-dicks among you will use an RSS read­er to find out when your favour­ite web­sites and blogs are updated. This work through a pro­cess of syn­dic­a­tion, whereby the web­site provides a stream of inform­a­tion that mir­rors the con­tent of the site but in a reduced form. If you sub­scribe to this stream, you can quickly find out if the web­site has been updated. Big deal, you might think, I can just go check the page. Well, you can, but with all your feeds togeth­er in one place, you can check tens of sites sim­ul­tan­eously.

Eric von Rothkirch, an American author cur­rently writ­ing a nov­el as part of the NaNoWriMo pro­gram, poin­ted out to me than the syn­dic­a­tion feed for my blog appears to be miss­ing. I’m not sure where it’s gone, but while I try to put it back, you can use this link to sub­scribe to my blog:

i use an excel­lent open-source pro­gram on my Mac called Vienna, and I would recom­men­ded it as an RSS read­er to any Mac user. If you use a PC, check out these RSS read­ers. (And more Mac read­ers are avail­able, of course.)

Happy sub­scrib­ing!

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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